Generosity is joy!

Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.-Madeline Bridges


Orphanage home -Ilaya Baratham
61/2, Nethaji Road-2 Surampattivalasu Erode -638009.

The sheer joy brimming in the sweet and innocent faces  of children, show how well they are taken care of and protected. Hats off to the team who do such a noble job of raising children who are really in need of financial emotional and physical support. I am privileged to have come to know about them this eve and the impromptu trip that ensued, thanks to the quick thinking of my mother.

Yesterday on of the road side vendors, out of the blue asked me if I would be interested in adopting a couple of children. A friend of hers, whose family was going through some rough times after their father early demise and their mother’s physical condition, were in search of a safe home for the kids. It broke my heart and all I could commit to at that time was a little monetary comfort, which probably meant nothing but a full stomach for the night. It bothered me. The disparity, the situation, the environment, the helplessness I felt and the overall feeling of inability. It weighed hard in my heart.

Deciding to postpone the packing, to whenever it is destined to happen and if it it didnt’, deciding to care less about the materialistic stuff that it contained, we just left the house because of the heaviness in our hearts. I saw a few roadside shopping vendors, lined up near our Mariyamman temple. Few old men and women, homeless begging for alms, I felt moved and stopped to see them. In the process of which, mom suggested that we pay respect to The Goddess mariyamman, and we did. I hesitantly inquired about homes for kids to the clerical staff at the temple and Voila! He knew one right here just 6Kms away. What a lucky surprise for yours truly!

What transpired rest are in the pics. In addition to which, we made sure the staff at the orphanage, followed us while we went in search of the lady that talked about the two kids who needed shelter, home and assistance. They promised to follow up and get the kids and let me know when everything is settled. Its a HUGE relief for both my mother and I.

All through these years of my life and its various  turns and twists, one thing has been my constant learning experience. It is that, ‘in the end, it all makes sense, and that everything; as random as they appear to be during the thick of its occurrence, are always interconnected and result in the betterment for all involved, morphing itself into a huge beautiful canvas in the bigger picture and grander scheme of things’.

I am blessed to have this evergreen experience as a finishing touch for this  splendid adventurous, hyper adrenaline, working vacation of mine. Mighty thankful for everything that got thrown my way.

God bless all those that helped me, and those that I had the pleasure of serving. If even a single soul got inspired through these shares and journies of mine, I would consider this attempt of mine a success towards our better future.

Mentioned orphanage’s address is below. Feel free to connect with them and help out.

Ilaya Baratham Orphanage,
61/2, Nethaji Road-2
Erode -638009.

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