Universe and I – my observation

While we constantly hurry to and fro between destinations – day in and day out with no time to spare or stop and take a breath of fresh air or look around, nature too, constantly tries to teach us, placing reminders in our paths,should we choose to wake up from our grandeur, perceived self important illusion & ignorance, so we can slow down, let go and learn to just be.

Caught this calm slug taking its own sweet time to cross our step last night. I am pretty sure it wasn’t worried about its mortgage/rent/work/dues/anything else for that matter. It certainly didn’t care about my restlessness to go finish my workflow that  I just stopped working on just 20 minutes ago. In its world everything that seem mammoth to me are but nonexistent. To speak/not to speak, to persist/not to persist, to take rest/not to take rest, to cook/not to cook, to eat/ hmm..to eat much more 😉 are just confusing states of my mind.Neither does it worry about the lady with the blue glass who is always preoccupied with something and could step on it accidentally, nor about where its going to rest, or what its going to wear for prom, or which CMS is best suited for its collaborative needs.Nope! None of those drama in the slugs mind.

Lesson from universe last night, when a slug wants to cross the step, it just does, period.The slug just is, in the present.


Universe spoke again this evening. Been having issues with task assignment notification actions among other actions. I never like to leave a problem unsolved if I can help it. Commas/punctuation marks to pause my sentence err..task because I don’t know how to complete the rest of the sentence..err…task makes me anxious. But sometimes, things are way out of our control. I might be trying to finish my sentence using english alphabets, while writing in Hindi or Tamil without learning the languages. Tough luck eh! So, giving up on ‘stare the workflow step, until the workflow’s assigned to user gets notified out of the fear of my stare act’  I half-heartedly left for the day.

Sweltering heat at 5:30PM EST, in the parking lot when I rolled the windows of my Insight to leave, I heard this little cat meow. The last thing one would expect in the parking lot with that heat. Wanted to ensure that I didn’t hurt it, I stepped out to see where it was. And as if on cue, it slowly creeped out from under the shadow of the big white truck and came towards me. Poor little thing. I had nothing to give it and am sure it must have been super thirsty and hot. So I dumped the water I had in the concrete, the only thing I could do then and half heartedly left the lot. (its been half hearted kind of day all day apparently).

But, I couldn’t go far. I was almost certain that it came towards me hoping that I would feed it. So, stopped by the nearby Walgreens and purchased a cat food can which looked very unappetizing to me.(worms/pasta/some noodles like thingy that the friendly lady in the store vouched for being the best treat for cats Meh!)

Brought it back to my new little friend in the parking lot. Now it had found shelter underneath another car in a totally different area, and I was extremely relieved to spot it. The panic that set in when I feared that it might’ve run away, sad, thirsty and hungry because the mean lady with blue glass didn’t feed it, can only be compared to the panic I feel when I fear that I lost my boarding pass between flights and check for it in all sorts of bags and zips and under the dress in my carry-on luggage, in spite of checking it 5 minutes ago and placing it in my backpack. (that feeling, for those that can relate is super scary!)

I was immensely relieved to spot my friend and it looked like it was too, seeing me. After a very brief momentary hesitation, it reached the now open cold and yummy noodle-worm-macaroni-curried cat delight and started devouring it.

Watching the little thing eat was probably the high light of my day, perhaps even my week.

unnamedunnamed (1)

So the universe spoke to me again, second day in a row. I think I listened too, albeit for that half an hour. But its better that than nothing eh!

Tomorrow it could be another action/in-action, workflow or wontflow that would occupy my mind, immersing my thoughts in its all prevalent, all important illusion & ignorance. But, if I am lucky and universe is still kind, I hope it sends my way another messenger, another friend to help me watch, learn and be happy-even if just momentarily.

This media is about four ways of letting go, so we can be in the present. Slug has mastered this art (I think)

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