Books and Purcellville

Sometimes it feels like our wishes are granted sooner than we expect them to be

Just this morning I wrote to a very smart and a brilliant person on what I should do about publishing a technical book, as I had been gathering quite a lot of content and documentations for quite some time now.  I didn’t know what the next steps were and reached out seeking advice.

This evening, while volunteering at a girl’s a scouts event, I happened to also attend a book signing event in the same venue. As a part of the girl’s scout activity, girls were also gift wrapping books for those who bought it . I met a few authors and bought their very inspiring signed copies of both fiction and non-fiction. Met some awesome women who also informed me about writer’s club that meets on Wednesdays at the Purcellville library. Technical or not I’ve always loved writing in general and typing 😉 more this past decade. Who knows! That secret bucket-wish item to be a published author that I stowed away into a quiet corner, might become a reality too.

Everything seems possible and I feel interestingly accomplished just by hanging out with the authors for a couple of hours.

Can’t wait to read these and will share, but AFTER I read  😉


All the authors I met today are from western Loudoun  such a talented area this is! Woot!

Book below ‘The Scarred Letter’ is by one of our LCPS English teacher and I go past their school twice a day! Lucky kids and again happy to be among such smart people.


Link to the event: Meet Virginia writers and published authors at holiday book event

SmileBox Playback of the event: RHW holiday book sale and signing event

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