The Journey

Thousands of hours were spent walking this stretch of road. The road most traveled in my journey, yet it’s the most mysterious road. Not once do I know for sure which turn to take. I have taken those turns thousands of time and each time my experience has been unique. It has lead to pitfalls, it took me through mountainous terrain. On rare occasions, it has even lead me to a beautiful garden filled with magical creatures and colorful clouds too.

Each time, when I get set to take that journey and a step out my door, I look forward to the adventure the day is pregnant with. This time however, the stretch of road seemed arduous. The task of walking that same mile and facing those same turns, daunting.

Contemplating on this, I grabbed my coffee and set out all the same. One does NOT give up just cause one is tired right? I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? I take the turn and find myself in pits again? No biggie, for I know I’ll make the journey again tomorrow, probably and hopefully with a different outcome.

Perturbed, preoccupied and unsure but weirdly excited all  at the same time, I began my journey that morning as usual, with these multitude of thoughts crossing my mind. Now I was intrigued by my own actions and reactions. Why do I take the turns I take? Why do I keep on making that choice to continue to travel? What makes me want to continue this recursive loop of unpredictable dance with life?

Day dreams while walking aren’t always a good idea are they? While contemplation is crucial to ones self-growth, contemplating while walking – not so much. With a bang, I bumped into this person whose smile was as radiant as thousands of sun. It was so blinding that I was felled by a huge wave of excitement mixed with giddiness. But, I was caught by a gentle grip of soft hands that felt like what clouds would probably feel like when one combs through them with their fingers and holds on to them – soft, yet solid.

I stared at the being’s eyes, they were intense. Such spell binding depth that even my thoughts forgot to manifest for a few seconds. When I got over the magic of this being, I realized that it was someone I knew and shared a deep connection with. Someone that had immense compassion and forgiveness emanating from every pore of their being.

“I know you” I said. The being smiled and faded just as I realized who it was. Thoughts returned and smiling at myself, I continued my walk.

For that being was the angelic goodness in each and every one of us, which and only which has the power to keep us strong and going through times immaterial of the nature of them. Ofttimes we forget our potential and get carried away by the stark contrasts of life, the salsa of bitter-sweet-bitter-sad moments, which masquerade themselves as looming, omnipresent eternity, but which in reality are but momentary, in the grander scheme of things.

Recognizing that being, that morning, I was happy to continue my journey in the confidence that, should I happen to fall again or take that infamous turn, I have someone to catch me and guide me right.

And guess what, that same being is there in you and for you too. So, go grab the day by its hours and keep that beautiful smile on our face and continue on with your unique journey.



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