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Erode Diaries: Ragu – the wannabe inspector

Swetha Sankaran

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Erode Diaries:

Its that time again, a followup visit to our amazing doctor, given the erratic sugar (94,78 and 300? PP) so off we went to the docs. Wish I had my car, atleast my motorbike, but neither at my disposal but with a fancy bike which mom is totally wary of even looking at – you can blame it on her TKR(total knee replacement) on both knees. We marched towards our friendly autorickshaw stand.

A small walk to our regular stop at our favorite auto rickshaw corner ensued. There, we encountered a new driver, and a tiny kid sidekick, who too was assisting. Such a smart lad, barely 10 years old. Aiding his dad, starting the rickshaw, signaling the drivers as indicators for left/ right cuts. I was very impressed with his pleasant demeanor. Curiosity peaked in my mind, and the mother in me wanted to know why and what a child is doing here, hanging out with his dad while at work. With a smile in his face, he said its Sunday. Fair enough I thought, then when we gave directions to hospital, the dad mentioned that he had himself suffered stroke twice. After his wife moved on. We immediately thought, she departed. It broke our heart. Both mom and I were taken aback. Ragu, the child, his face lacking any strong emotion but a shameful silence.

Dad then explained that he runs a local art troupe, had a fleet of lorries, doing quite well for himself, until one fine day, his wife left wiping out all his belongings, leaving the child under his care. This betrayal obviously lead him to serious health issues. Now its just the two of them. Ragu cooks, cleans and studies like a lion. Class first if not second at our local Erode CSI. What a gem of a child. I could relate with him. His dad said with tears, words struggling chocking in his throat, that at the end of his duty, all he can do is take medicines and rest. Ragu, the child is now his fathers caretaker. The innocence which should be playing outside, sans all worries of the ugly realities of life, is now in-charge of making his own destiny while taking care of his father.

I immediately felt a strong kinship towards the baby. He even looks like me, my mind said, or perhaps its me seeing a slice of myself in him. Taking on responsibilities, wise and hard beyond their ages and still keeping a positive attitude. Grief…is not what is portrayed in mainstream media as cries, sobs, defeat and wailings, grief is pretending everything is fine, while the heart longs for stability and reasoning. The answer to why me and the burning fire in the belly, that needs to know its path to success.

Ragu dreams of being a policeman. It once was a long lost dream of mine. I can understand the sentiment behind it and attraction towards a position that serves justice to downtrodden. Kids that are carrying burden beyond their potential, have an innate need to prevail justice and protect others in their situation and help bring them up.

I have a few connections who are in the police force, if any one of you is kind enough and have some spare time, if you could kindly reach out to me, it will be my pleasure and humble request to introduce to you this gem of a child. If you could find it in your hearts to mentor this beautiful soul and enable him to realize his dreams, I’ll be forever thankful for you. 

Ragu could very well be my child. If things were different, I would LOVE to take him under my wing, but being a situational prisoner myself, this is the least I could do, for the time being.

For the sake of his privacy, I am not including his picture, but you know where to reach me. Call/ Mail/ Reach out. Lets all pay it forward friends, and Goddess will help us in mysterious way during the time of our needs. OM! Sub Inspector, @krishnakumar sir please help!


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