Popularity Trends in #Office365 #SharePoint Online

Once you setup a site and it starts getting traffic there would come a time when you get curious as to how many users are actually visiting your site.

Daily/Monthly weekly? What would you do?

Just use Performance Analytics + Excel Web Access webpart and create a super cool dashboard in half an hour that is extremely functional and serves the purpose. I’m all about leveraging Out of the box solutions.

Picture speaks a thousand words, videos speak a thousand pictures, check out the first video below:

Get the Usage.xlsx

Inset Excel Web Access web part

So its all fine and dandy, functional as well. All good, but what if we don’t want the excel sheet look in the dashboard page? Cosmetic appeal and we have a workaround for that as well.

When Performance Analytics creates the report, there are two named  PivotTable/PivotChart: DailyData1, MonthlyData1 which are included in the Excel Web Access web part by default.

We can customize the chart/report to our hearts content, yes, make it pink/blue/3D/4D whatever else you can do with your magical Pivoting skills, knock yourself  out…lol! Now is your chance. Once you are satisfied with your creativity, select the area you want to display,  create a new Defined Name and include the Pivot Tables and Pivot Chart sections.

Now in your SharePoint Usage Dashboard site page, include the custom Defined Name in the web part properties and Voila! Your clean/ non excelly(yes its a word I made up) dashboard is ready!! Yay!!!


Video showing how to set the new Defined Name(Dashboard) to the sitepage for a cleaner looking Site Usage Dashboard page.

Here is the final dashboard site page

Usage Dashboard

WSPDC-FEDSPUG Office 365 Workshop -featuring all female speakers in our NoVA


DATE: AUGUST 05,2017



Women in SharePoint DC UserGroup(WSPDC) & FEDeral SharePoint UserGroup(FEDSPUG) are proud to bring you a one of a kind awesome workshop featuring female rockstar speakers in Office 365 and SharePoint space.

You have seen how much we love educating and giving back to our IT community and are always striving to bring the best and respected industry SMEs in our as well as encouraging emerging leaders in IT.

This event is different and unique in that we are going to showcase women speakers and leaders from NoVA Office 365 community. This is more than an awesome workshop, its celebration of success and ingenuity of women in cloud and in STEM!

Please join us and support the event!’


    Lions and Tigers and Teams, Oh My! – Sorting through the options to connect and collaborate in Office 365
    Description: Have you noticed that you now have multiple ways to connect and collaborate in Office 365? Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Yammer, Email – how do you provide guidance to your users so that they can make good choices? Too much choice can lead to chaos, while not enough choice can create too much friction for effective collaboration to happen. This session will provide guidance and a framework to help you make the right choices for your organization to help your users get real work done in a hyper-connected world.
    Target Audience: Manager
    Level: 201
    Speaker Bio: Susan Hanley is a consultant specializing in the “people side” of intranet and collaboration solutions. She is an Office Servers and Services MVP and is the co-author of three popular SharePoint books: Essential SharePoint 2007, Essential SharePoint 2010, and Essential SharePoint 2013: Practical Guidance for Measurable Business Results. Her areas of expertise include knowledge management, information architecture, collaboration and intranet strategy, user adoption, governance and business value metrics. Immediately prior to establishing her own consulting practice, Sue led the Portals, Collaboration, and Content Management practice for Dell Professional Services.
    Speaker Contact:
    sue@susanhanley.com www.susanhanley.com
    Title:  SharePoint vs Microsoft Teams vs Office 365 Groups: What Should I Use When?
    Description: Microsoft technology is moving at a rapid pace. New ways to work are being developed rapidly as well. A few such new tools are Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. These look powerful and promising but they seem similar. Also, where do they fit with SharePoint? In this session, we will look at what each is, what their differences are, and when is the best time to use each.
    Target Audience: IT Pro
    Level: 101
    Speaker Bio: Nikkia Carter is the President and CEO of Carter-McGowan Services, LLC, a Microsoft Silver Small and MidMarket Cloud Partner and SMB Champion specializing in modernizing business through the use and understanding of Microsoft technology and modern marketing. Nikkia has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a Master’s in IT Project Management and is a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer and a Microsoft Certified Professional. Nikkia has industry experience since 2001 in software, web (intranet), Office 365, and SharePoint development. Nikkia has spoken at many technical and some non-technical events. She also leads and co-organizes a few technical user group communities and events as well as serves on the Microsoft Inspire (WPC) partner engagement board, Microsoft’s VFI (Voices for Innovation) taskforce, and is a member of the IAMCP DC (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners).
    Picture URLhttps://cartermcgowanservices-my.sharepoint.com/personal/service_cartermcgowanservices_com/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?guestaccesstoken=efPUitKB29l3hKojdHxx5%2b5W7LqFu9A8lEYQ7tQhCGg%3d&docid=0086d6443aba64e89a7a07ce37cef78af”
    Speaker Contact:
    Email: ncarter@cartermcgowanservices.com,
    Cell: 4103501536, Work: 5406930578 ext 700

Registration is open to EVERYONE on a first come first served basis, but there is always room for who wants to learn and get inspired.

Seating limited to 60, so we encourage you to kindly RSVP ONLY if you are planning to attend IN PERSON.

We will have our sessions on Skype as well – If you are planning to attend on Skype, please make sure to communicate your choice of attendance, so we can plan food sponsoring accordingly.


WSPDC-FEDSPUG leadership team.


Happy YOUR day

Trip which began in the womb,
intertwined through matters
six some say,
but so much more..
Journeying through all its glory,
laughing, sharing, crying sometimes,
but most of all
caring and just being together;
My heartiest wishes
on this day,
just like mine remains,
any other day of the year;
is for more, oh! so much more-
Love,joy and celebrations.
This relationship –
a life giving blessing,
my heart holds so dear!
To all the mothers
& their lovely daughters!
Happy YOUR day!

Decisions, decisions, to own up to!

Thousands of words,
Texts, Tweets, FB status on walls,
Perturbed minds,
Deep in its thoughts,
Still stay awake,
Right or wrong decisions to make.,
Necessity to own them,
One way or another,
Is the reality of life,
Rain hail or feathers.
Then when it comes,
Time to count blessings or regrets.,
We know,
We lived life to our fullest.
What have you done:
In this life of yours?
We say, we chose,
One way first, then another!
To tell our stories,
Loud and clear,
Say here, is where we are
And near.
Our saga continues.,
Names, shapes and locations changed,
Decisions remain,
Our stories bright and bold!
Here we are,
There we chose,
We stood by what we believed,
We boast!
Our decisions,
Are who we are,
We are life;
And this life we host!
–Swetha SankaranRIght or Wrong


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TradeUp Loudoun Fair ALL Loudoun County High School Kids! #TradeFair #GoLoudoun


When we give and empower our future generations, we empower the world!!

Check out our TradeUp Loudoun page and our http://www.twitter.com/TradeUpLoudoun (@TradeUpLoudoun)

If you are a small business owner who would love to come educate/guide/mentor our teenage High School Kids to pursue a career, teach tricks of the trade, so that they can be as successful as you are too, then Loudoun Youth NEEDS you!

Come join us at Loudoun Valley High School on May 19th for a Trade Fair we are hosting for this cause. https://www.lcps.org/lvhs and support this #GoTradeUPLoudoun When there is too much info overload, kids can get confused, so this is one of our attempt to compartmentalize and reach out to business/entrepreneurs who can be a good guide and even a mentor for those interested kids who would like to pursue your path to their success too!

Loudoun friends please promote this event. Its on !

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Swetha Sankaran, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Office Servers and Services, @SharePoint @Office365 #MVPAward

Great news to share with my peeps! I am now a Microsoft MVP(Most Valuable Professional) Office Servers and Services. 

A coveted award that has been a dream of mine for years now., its now become a reality and am extremely excited, thankful, touched, proud and feel humbled all at the same time!

If you can dream it, you can do it! is something I’ve always believed in. As long as your intentions are pure, as long as you are helping someone, or even yourself, become a better being; be it building a skill set or oneself really, you can do whatever you set your heart to and desire. You can affect changes and help other grow together with you. That is what I strive to do and will continue to during the rest of this journey of my life. Really glad to have a few AMAZING passengers on my side thanks to this team of mine! :)I think, the supreme being is listening and granting my wishes, one at a time!

God/Goddess, sure are kind to all and they are watching over us at all times. Good luck to my fellow MVPs, and to the thousands of aspiring MVPs as well.

To reiterate-“If you can dream it, you CAN do it and become it!” Obstacles are but driving forces to propel us towards greater goodness and subsequent rewards and recognition if you want them.

Here is the official welcome mail from Microsoft about my MVP award! Carts loads of thanks #Microsoft! This means a LOT to me, to be honored for my technical leadership and a dream come true!!