OneDrive SharePoint Storage Metrics

Wondering¬†how to get how much storage is taken by what folder of your OneDrive personal sharepoint site? Just a couple clicks to get to your storage metrics: Storman.aspx gets you the info. You can even drill down to your folder to get check the usage details. Pretty cool eh! Now, to get the storage […]

Delete rows from your #Office365 SharePoint Online List using powershell

Necessity is the mother of invention AND research. Its also the mother of all workflow history/list row deletions using all powerful CSOM and POWERSHELL! So, I was working on an application and just when I thought I had it all done to perfection(this is very relative isn’t it!) I¬†found that electronic signature fields that I […]

PowerShell for for #Office365 #SharePoint Online Administration

First things first, we need to be SharePoint Online Administrators to be able to manage the site collections in our Office 365 tenant using both SharePoint Online Admin Center as well as SharePoint Online Management Shell. This blog is about the ABCs of connecting to SharePoint Online Management Shell so you can start administering your […]