FREE @Office365 workshop

TOMORROW: Free @office365 workshop @SharePoint @WSPDC we have an amazing line up of @microsoftwomen speakers!<3 We are ready to soak up all the information that our speakers share and take back knowledge with us. Which is a huge takeaway for me personally. 🙂 Special note of thanks to all the speakers: Susan Hanley Nikkia […]

No script editor installed? Want to style your page? No Problem!

As the old adage goes “Where there is will there is way!”, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”, or as the Tamil saying goes, வல்லவனுக்கு புல்லும் ஆயுதம். “If you have the ability and talent, you can achieve success with whatever (minimal) resources available at your disposal.” (for more on this check here) As long as I […]

Popularity Trends in #Office365 #SharePoint Online

Once you setup a site and it starts getting traffic there would come a time when you get curious as to how many users are actually visiting your site. Daily/Monthly weekly? What would you do? Just use Performance Analytics + Excel Web Access webpart and create a super cool dashboard in half an hour that […]

Page status bar – revert to template message

In your SharePoint online page with webparts (custom views and scripts) when you restore a previous version of the page, the message “The current page has been customized from its template. Revert to template” is displayed at the top of the page. Yes, I know it is customized from the template. And yes, I am the culprit and […]

What is the FiscalYear? Set it on form load #javascript #sharepoint

Requirement: When a requestor submits a form, it should be preloaded with FiscalYear value in option control with other values/years to choose from. If its between July 1 – June 30 its the next fiscal year. Solution: Control used here is a drop down control with preset options (2017,2018,2019) that requestors can choose from on submit. If […]

My Tasks view NOT displaying group tasks

Issue: Office 365 SharePoint workflow tasks list custom view ‘My Tasks’ filtered by ‘Assigned To’ does NOT display tasks ‘Assigned To’  SharePoint Groups in which user is a member of. Fix: Upon researching various posts, the quick way to resolve this seems to be altering ‘My Tasks’ view in SharePoint designer updating the query for filtering task […]

Hide site settings contents in #Office365 #SharePoint

There are times when you want to empower your end users and enable them to do it all and there are times, when want to simplify work for your end-users and unclutter their views. Once such time is when you want to hide site settings contents from your SharePoint site. Be it online or on […]