Access Services Application and Office 365 SharePoint Online

The SharePoint Concierge – Scott Shearer

Giving us an awesome demo on how to use Access Services with SharePoint Online. Using templates, macros that auto-magically transforms to stored procedures that then updates the table. Cool stuff eh!

Not to be confused with Access.  Access services offers us quite a lot of custom forms and gather data with several data type and easy cascading options as well.

Cant wait to try our Access Applications and Reporting, Good to know that BI is available for us as well. I thought we did not have in our enterprise licensing till now. Hmmm…. 🙂

Want to play with

  •   Microsoft Access 2013 Inside Out
    • by Jeff Conrad & Microsoft Access
    • lots of information on Access services in the book

Who would use this and what for?

If you want to keep track of stuff(whatever stuff you need to keep track of)  then Access Services could be your answer. Not much for enterprise applications deployment but if you are venturing into maintaining in your environment/site level/small group with data that is not sensitive.

FEDSPUG October 3 Access Services with SharePoint Online
FEDSPUG October 3
Access Services with SharePoint Online

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