NO Regrets – Break free of it! Now!

Once I was a little baby,screaming for colostrum.
Divine being obliged, her suffering faded away by the life it birth.
Satisfied I slept.

Then I started crawling,screaming., hungry to be fed,
divine being that she is, recited stories and fed me health
Hunger quelled, I slept.

Then I was a school goer,
screaming for the latest bag,
divine being to the rescue,
sold her jewel to get the best her princess deserves.
Satisfied I slept.

Then came college, screaming again,
I demanded a vehicle,
My divine lady, pledging her property.
Ensured my comfort while travel

Then I was a young one,
longing for a companion,
My divine angel, gave her all, handing over me to a stranger.
Dreams of a happy life, forgetting her emptiness.

Roles reversed, the divine one, being me,
My angel screaming in pain, she cries, her tears, breaking my heart.

Jewels, savings, richness naught, but I am here, giving my all.
Trusting a day, where her screams morph to smile.

I want my divine mother back.
I pray, the supreme being, comfort be her new normal.
Joy be her eternal state.

I never thanked her, for the sacrifices she made.
I barely acknowledged her them at that time.
I do now, I hold her tight, I whisper daily, that I love her,

I profess my love, my wholehearted thanks,
I hold her hand, apologizing for all that I did and did not do.
I will never let her go.

My divine angel, my single mom, my wonder woman and my hero!

Give yours a big hug too love, egos are human made, they are passing clouds,
they can be shattered, just as fast as we raised that wall.
Take your strongest will powered hammer, break that shit apart.

Hug your loved ones tight,For relations are all that you’ve got!