TradeUp Loudoun Fair ALL Loudoun County High School Kids! #TradeFair #GoLoudoun


When we give and empower our future generations, we empower the world!!

Check out our TradeUp Loudoun page and our (@TradeUpLoudoun)

If you are a small business owner who would love to come educate/guide/mentor our teenage High School Kids to pursue a career, teach tricks of the trade, so that they can be as successful as you are too, then Loudoun Youth NEEDS you!

Come join us at Loudoun Valley High School on May 19th for a Trade Fair we are hosting for this cause. and support this #GoTradeUPLoudoun When there is too much info overload, kids can get confused, so this is one of our attempt to compartmentalize and reach out to business/entrepreneurs who can be a good guide and even a mentor for those interested kids who would like to pursue your path to their success too!

Loudoun friends please promote this event. Its on !

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