Dr. Rich Contartesi,Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services at Loudoun County
Virginia August 21, 2017, Dr. Rich was Swetha’s mentor

Swetha is a dedicated, diligent, and creative technology professional. She was part of an innovative SysApps team that implemented Office 365. Swetha was placed in charge of learning SharePoint and developing custom applications that best served the needs of division. Her excellent work was recognized by the Superintendent and Cabinet, specifically, a SharePoint HR application streamlining and automating the candidate reclassification approval process, saving countless hours of manual input while reducing cost. Swetha is also very active as an advocate and recognized thought leader in the Washington, D.C., Office 365 community. Her calm disposition, superior work ethic, and ability to lead, was a positive asset energizing the team to implement and successfully complete complex user applications.


Technology Resource Teacher and GraduateAugust 16, 2016, Cynthia worked with Swetha in different groups

Swetha is very detail oriented and willing to jump in and get the project done. She can quickly provide a solution and then teach you how to implement and maintain the solution. She’s also very funny!”


Jason Marshall
Managing Director
June 10, 2016, Swetha worked with Jason in the same group

“Swetha is an amazingly talented SharePoint Developer, Designer and Leader. As the Lead Developer for the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer, I am a stickler for following best practice approaches to automate business processes and implement custom designs in SharePoint. I have reviewed Swetha’s work on various projects and have found it to be top notch every time. She has the uncommon ability to architect, develop, design and integrate in the SharePoint environment. In addition to her broad and deep skill set, she has the heart of a servant/leader. She currently leads the largest Women’s SharePoint user group in the United States and is constantly mentoring, organizing, guiding and leading by example in technical as well as professional areas. She has excellent leadership and communication skills and is an outstanding team builder. A true champion and X-factor in any organization able to simplify and communicate difficult technical concepts while giving clear technical guidance to those charged with implementation.”


Tim Ferro
Microsoft MVP, SharePoint Application Architect at EY
June 8, 2016, Swetha worked with Tim in the same group

I have had the pleasure of working with Swetha in the SharePoint/Office 365 community for a while now. Her transformation in to a strong community leader has been wonderful to watch. She is driven, goal oriented, and has been fantastic as the President of WSPDC. She works to lead and promote this group while also starting a user group in Loudoun County to support the Office 365 users there. She has great technical skills, ambition, presentation presence, and leadership skills.


Mark Nichols
Supervisor of Assistive Technology, Vision & DHH Programs / Division Level Administrator for Accessible Materials
November 30, 2015, Mark worked with Swetha in different groups

“Swetha helped the Office of Special Education setup their SharePoint site for use by hundreds of staff within the schools. While we encountered some technical anomalies during the setup process, Swetha always made herself available to help us troubleshoot and quickly find resolutions (both during and after normal business hours). Swetha’s energy and love for SharePoint is contagious and she ensured that we had a good grasp of Sharepoint and the technical possibilities for further departmental enhancement.”


Tammi Light
Educator for Loudoun County Public Schools
November 29, 2015, Swetha worked with Tammi in the same group

“Swetha is a fantastic person. I sent her an e-mail on a Sunday morning and she responded back within an hour. I had difficulty assigning a new student to my OneNote notebook and she researched the problem with me for 45 minutes. She showed me resources that I might need for the future and how to help others in case the problem arose again. I appreciate her patience and her follow through with making sure I received all of the resources necessary to help me in my role as teacher. She is a great promoter of all things technological and a fantastic leader. What a great Problem Solver!”


Nicholas Grzeda
August 14, 2015, Nicholas worked with Swetha in different groups

“Swetha is the most knowledged and proficient software engineer that I have had the pleasure working with over the past year at Loudoun County Public Schools. Specifically, she has helped me develop my skills and capabilities with regards to building SharePoint Sites, and working with SharePoint Designer to understand the intricacies behind programming and modifying permissions for users and building content in general. To say that I am impressed with her skill set would be an understatement; to say that her enthusiasm and willingness to teach Microsoft SharePoint has been less than spectacular would be an absolute falsity. Please let me know if I can provide any additional anecdotes regarding any of the multiple occasions where Swetha has worked with me to help sharpen my skill set for the benefit of my teachers and students at Rock Ridge High School.”


Benjamin Fernandez
Lead School Psychologist
March 5, 2015, Benjamin worked with Swetha in different groups

“This past year the office I work for began to use Office 365 and SharePoint to support our work in the schools. My task was to build a site to support teams within our office. I had ideas on how I would like it to function and look, but many times found myself getting stuck. Swetha was always available to share her expertise and has supported me in in my efforts. Whenever I had a question Swetha would find an answer that was easy for me to understand and easy for me to implement. In addition, I am always looking to make improvements and incorporate new ways of sharing and displaying information on my site. Swetha listens to my ideas and provides guidance and encouragement. I greatly appreciate all the support that Swetha has provided and I look forward to all the great things we will be able to accomplish for our office.”


Krissy Keene
Transportation Operations Specialist at Loudoun County Public Schools
March 1, 2015, Krissy was a client of Swetha’s

“I had a web based program that was seriously out of date. I asked for ideas to update the program, to include basic functions such as spell check as well as the ability to import email addresses. Swetha listened to my wish list also adding in ideas she had, to help make the program function in a much better fashion. The end result was awesome! The time saving functions Swetha added to the program are outstanding and have proven to be much more efficient. Once the program changes were in place, Swetha has provided excellent customer service to me and my department, to ensure we have no further issues. I look forward to working with Swetha again soon!!”

Don Bell

Don Bell
Supervisor of Applications and Development at Loudoun County Public Schools
February 8, 2015, Don managed Swetha directly

“I have worked with Swetha for several years and she has made a significant enhancement to our web development and SharePoint development programs.

Swetha single-handedly built our SharePoint capabilities up from scratch.

I wholeheartedly recommend Swetha, she will always go above and beyond to do her very best work.”


Ong Yang
Cloud/O365 SME
December 9, 2014, Ong worked with Swetha in different groups

“There is more than one way to solve a problem is how Swe tackles roadblocks. Swe is very creative and the skill is demonstrated in the code she writes when she develops SharePoint solutions and apps. Having known Swe for the last few years, she is kind, resourceful and a team player! Any team would be glad to have her on board.”


Sreedhar Bunga
Group Manager & Head Clinical Operations at HCL Technologies
September 30, 2012, Swetha worked with Sreedhar in the same group

“I have worked with Swetha for more than an year. We were involved in creating a Hospital Management System which was primarily designed to collect data from various patients visits across specialties and reporting it in order to facilitate the payroll and accounting for the doctors. The software was developed using XML, XSLT, JavaScript. She was very hard working, sincere and dedicated. She was an excellent team player. Great resource to have in any team.”


Maisha B. Hoye
Small Businesses and Start-ups Chief Marketing Officer
September 18, 2012, Maisha B. worked with Swetha in different groups

“Swetha and I worked together to develop a custom Business Intelligence solutions for MicroLink and its customers. As a technologist, it is very easy to only focus on the technology. Swetha is different because she is able to look at how technology can help the customers challenges and customize it to fit the customer’s individual requirements. This talent is a plus to any organization as it was to MicroLink.”


Bradley Teague
Business Intelligence Architect at Avalon Bay Communities
September 15, 2011, Bradley managed Swetha directly

“Swetha was a valued member of our team that contributed an intellect and enthusiasm that was welcomed by her peers and customers.”


Tricia Wilcox Almas
Business Insights, Trend Spotter
August 3, 2011, Tricia Wilcox was senior to Swetha but didn’t manage directly

“Although Swetha and I worked on different teams, we consulted each other frequently when reasoning thru client challenges on our Business Intelligence projects. Swetha’s pleasant nature and attention to detail made her a favorite with clients and team members. She has always been willing to help a colleague troubleshoot issues or create an innovative design. Swetha’s solid computer science and programming background as well as her deep understanding of Business Intelligence makes her a valuable asset for any employer. I give Swetha my wholehearted endorsement.”


Stephen Dvoranchik
Vice President, Microsoft Solutions at Ascendra, Inc
November 19, 2009, Stephen was senior to Swetha but didn’t manage directly

“Swetha is an outstanding employee. She is hard working, enthusiastic, and intelligent. She is a very competent Business Intelligence Specialist with expertise in SQL Server, SharePoint, and C#.Net. She has built custom web parts, digital dashboards, custom reports, and geospatial business intelligence applications. I have great respect for Swetha and have really enjoyed working with her and would fully endorse her in any technical challenge.”