New #onedrive – cloud storage for files & photos

Got the new app update for OneDrive on my iPhone and it seems pretty straight forward a very intuitive to use from the mobile device. I have iPhone 5s and love it’s small size, that didn’t seem to hinder usability of the app at all.

Once the app was installed, I logged in with my organization email followed by the username and password and then VOILA I was in.

You could select a file and see a list of options.

Available options for your doc are

You could download the office apps separately and open the docs in their own apps OR simply open them right there. As your see in the image below, you can rename the file as well. Pretty sweet.

Guess what it doesn’t end there, you can move them as well by clicking the folder with right horizontal arrow in it or ‘the move to’ button.

There we go! I like it so far and true to cloud first mobile first spirit, iblog this from my iPhone WordPress  app

Taking this mobile thing pretty seriously, I am!

Have fun with the all new and cool OneDrive and SharePoint folks.

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