FREE @Office365 workshop

TOMORROW: Free @office365 workshop @SharePoint @WSPDC we have an amazing line up of @microsoftwomen speakers!<3 We are ready to soak up all the information that our speakers share and take back knowledge with us. Which is a huge takeaway for me personally. 🙂 Special note of thanks to all the speakers: Susan Hanley Nikkia […]

No script editor installed? Want to style your page? No Problem!

As the old adage goes “Where there is will there is way!”, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”, or as the Tamil saying goes, வல்லவனுக்கு புல்லும் ஆயுதம். “If you have the ability and talent, you can achieve success with whatever (minimal) resources available at your disposal.” (for more on this check here) As long as I […]

Popularity Trends in #Office365 #SharePoint Online

Once you setup a site and it starts getting traffic there would come a time when you get curious as to how many users are actually visiting your site. Daily/Monthly weekly? What would you do? Just use Performance Analytics + Excel Web Access webpart and create a super cool dashboard in half an hour that […]

WSPDC-FEDSPUG Office 365 Workshop -featuring all female speakers in our NoVA

TITLE: ALL DAY OFFICE 365 WORKSHOP DATE: AUGUST 05,2017 TIME: 9AM-4PM LOCATION: 12012 SUNSET HILLS RD, RESTON, VA 20190 Women in SharePoint DC UserGroup(WSPDC) & FEDeral SharePoint UserGroup(FEDSPUG) are proud to bring you a one of a kind awesome workshop featuring female rockstar speakers in Office 365 and SharePoint space. You have seen how much we […]

Content Search Web Part in #Office365 #SharePoint online

Found something interesting while working with Content Search Web Part in SharePoint online. This web part is really powerful and least used in my opinion. To use this effectively, its best if we have a well designed Taxonomy term store that users have diligently tagged their documents with. Or not! 🙂 In this case, I […]