No script editor installed? Want to style your page? No Problem!

As the old adage goes “Where there is will there is way!”, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”, or as the Tamil saying goes, வல்லவனுக்கு புல்லும் ஆயுதம். “If you have the ability and talent, you can achieve success with whatever (minimal) resources available at your disposal.” (for more on this check here) As long as I […]

Page status bar – revert to template message

In your SharePoint online page with webparts (custom views and scripts) when you restore a previous version of the page, the message “The current page has been customized from its template. Revert to template” is displayed at the top of the page. Yes, I know it is customized from the template. And yes, I am the culprit and […]

Importance of Landing Page – from meh to wow! #Office365 #sharepoint

Since time immemorial, we as a species have been attracted to beautiful things.We dress up, we like looking at and using pretty stuff. In fact we tend to use things more if we deem them easy to use. Your site/page/lists are no different. Build it(pretty) and they’ll come! Build it so, you can manage it easily […]

Simple custom #branding for #Office365 #SharePoint online – your list views and landing page

Requirement: Application requires a landing page with custom reports/views for all the requests in queue. Behind requests – Colored red and should have default number of days set to 5 Warning requests – Colored yellow and should have default number of days set to 3 On-Track requests – Colored green and are any active requests that […]

LaughingSquid with @StackSkills

One hour courses How is everyone doing this weekend? Aimless wandering in the web automagically landed me in a cool site called Laughing Squid.  I enrolled in Laughing Squid’s ‘freebie’ courses for the following web essential skills HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery HTML5 GitHub as well as iOS app development Courses 1 through 6 are from Stack […]

iPad and iPad mini Nintex form display cut off on the right, both landscape and portrait in SharePoint online – Fix

In your SharePoint online(or on premise) sites when you have end-users requesting just a form to submit via their mobile devices and nothing else as in the links in left navigation panel, as the site is not responsive to mobile devices and the form’s view gets snipped as seen in the pic below and generally difficult to use […]

List GUID?! When in doubt, you DECODE!

As much as I love using my SharePoint(online, offline, on-premise, on-cloud and everything else in between) sites, its lists, libraries…Ahem., apps and creating slick looking reporting solutions for anyone who is bored(aka moi) and wants to analyze the rows and rows of information gathered, I sometimes find very frustrated that my List name doesn’t work in […]