Importance of Landing Page – from meh to wow! #Office365 #sharepoint

Since time immemorial, we as a species have been attracted to beautiful things.We dress up, we like looking at and using pretty stuff. In fact we tend to use things more if we deem them easy to use. Your site/page/lists are no different.

Build it(pretty) and they’ll come! Build it so, you can manage it easily as well. You don’t want to be jumping around and get lost in the web of links and get frustrated by the sheer amount of (hyper!)links…Yikes!a

All that said, what am I really trying to say you ask? I am saying make your solutions and apps easy to use with nice user interfaces. They make a world of difference to the users and increase its usability.

I’ve already described one way to customize your page in “Simple custom branding for Office 365 SharePoint Online, your list views and landing page

Lets extend it further and make it a little more suave. Why? ’cause there could be 20 different views and you don’t want to use your multi column layouts to plug them all in with a list view limit of latest 5 records(actually that’s not a bad idea either…. :p ) anyhoooo…moving on and re-focusing;

Which would you prefer as your landing page:

Page 1: No too shabby, except for the tacky flower pic ofcourse :pp1.png

Page 2: Suave…as I see atleast.


So what if you are artistically challenged and not sure what colors go where, or how to build a template? There are several for you to choose for free online or paid depending on your need and budget.

Find a bootstrap(read responsive) landing template that best fits your needs.

  • Create custom site pages to categorize/ filter your app views.
  • Add the custom views to its corresponding site page. You could style them as well following the article above using easy branding techniques with CSS and JavaScript.
  • Link all the hyperlink elements (anchor tags in this above screenshot) to the necessary pages with your filtered list views/ input forms/ dashboard pages
  • Use any required custom css libraries in your page, font-awesome icons for custom styles of the buttons and include other necessary elements within your HTML page to suite your business requirements. ( I removed the footer and few divs from mine to keep it simple and as launching pad of sorts)

Bringing it all together the way described above, gives a better experience for your end users and a solution that is really easy on user’s eyes and easier to manage.

Build it pretty and they will come and use it! 🙂

Check out the various simple free bootstrap options you can avail a  well here:

Happy being productive on the cloud!

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