Hyperlink to Edit item in SharePoint using Nintex for Office 365

Business case: Users want direct link to Edit Item from their notification email body without having to go to the form ribbon and then clicking on Edit Item as seen below. Solution: Say you have ‘Send an Email’ action in the Nintex workflow with the text below. U‍RL of the current item: {Workflow Context:Current item […]

#Sway show – Dynamic word #documentgeneration using #SharePoint designer

Check out the embedded #Sway discussing how to create a word document from a list item submit in Office 365 SharePoint Online. Pretty cool how OneDrive #Sway can be embedded and shared with public eh! If you have other tips on accomplishing this task, feel free to share in the comments section!

Invisible Content Editor WebPart Issue

ISSUE Sneaky invisible CEWP (content editor web part in SharePoint) continues to apply custom styling. And it is NOT visible for editing. It cannot be deleted and since it is also HIDDEN, adding more CEWPs will only create additional ones with [2], [3] trailing in their title. FIX Logical thought process that wasn’t too helpful. […]

List GUID?! When in doubt, you DECODE!

As much as I love using my SharePoint(online, offline, on-premise, on-cloud and everything else in between) sites, its lists, libraries…Ahem., apps and creating slick looking reporting solutions for anyone who is bored(aka moi) and wants to analyze the rows and rows of information gathered, I sometimes find very frustrated that my List name doesn’t work in […]

SharePoint Online Suspended Workflow? Who broke it?

Issue: You create a custom app with two step approval. Approver 1 approves then it emails a SharePoint group following which it assigns a task to a user in the group. The first step approval outcome and its task assignment works like a charm, but when it comes to notifying a SharePoint group, your workflow […]

Color your SharePoint Online list rows with KPI

Tiny nugget of code that goes a lonngggg way. Why? Cause everyone likes pretty colors. What? You don’t? Well, I most definitely, absolutely, positively, entirely do! So I share what I do. Mostly because its easy to look this post up than the 20 site collections I code for. Just as the script says…its jQuery. It looks […]

Office 365: SharePoint List Item Level Security

How to set permission in list so that, the user who created the list item can see it and edit, the manager can see all and edit all but other team members should not be able to view the items created by other users. Solution: SharePoint List Settings -> Break inheritance if it is trickled down […]