#Office365 SharePoint Online media page with video download link shortcut

Evening everyone! Hope your long weekend days are going faster than mine which seems to stretch forever…so I figured I’d blog hoping it’d make atleast an hour of the day pass quickly. Time is a weird thing indeed. When the mind is busy coining words and the digits busy  typing before the mind finishes dictating, […]

Items not synced with OneDrive for Business

Several of our end-users are experiencing this error with OneDrive for Business Sync stating that they don’t have proper credentials and they are needed to be re-entered. Only a sideways note to credential manager. Our TRT was able to find a link with a user documenting a fix, but others were not able to replicate […]

Invisible Content Editor WebPart Issue

ISSUE Sneaky invisible CEWP (content editor web part in SharePoint) continues to apply custom styling. And it is NOT visible for editing. It cannot be deleted and since it is also HIDDEN, adding more CEWPs will only create additional ones with [2], [3] trailing in their title. FIX Logical thought process that wasn’t too helpful. […]

KPI to show your list status based on single line text column

For quickshot analysis of your SharePoint lists, you can add images to your lists so as to check what status is your item in. This is applicable for workflows checking, gender, approved/rejected items, really, anything you can think of and use for your business requirement. Here is how you do it, aka., how I did it. 🙂 […]

SharePoint Document Library – invisible document mystery

Issue: Your staff have full admin rights over SharePoint site.   Staff uploaded number of documents to a folder on Shared library on your SharePoint site.   However, no one can see the files uploaded to the folder on the shared drive. Fix: This happens because of version control enabled in your Shared Document library. The green down […]

Empowering every student to achieve more with Office 365 and SharePoint

Whats happening? Great things as always. Immaterial of what form they take and come our way. This past year or so I have had the privilege of interacting closely with a few very well respected and recognized Microsoft SharePoint MVP/SMEs/ Office 365 leaders, reaching out to seek their advice and guidance to learn from their experiences. Every […]