KPI to show your list status based on single line text column

For quickshot analysis of your SharePoint lists, you can add images to your lists so as to check what status is your item in. This is applicable for workflows checking, gender, approved/rejected items, really, anything you can think of and use for your business requirement. Here is how you do it, aka., how I did it. 🙂 Use at your own risk or fun.

As seen in the picture below:

KPI Image column SharePoint List

Formula is pretty self-explanatory isn’t it?
Center the KPI image from a hyperlink location, if your text column says ‘New’/’InProgress’/’Rejected’ change the image in the KPI column from your image library hyperlinked image.

That’s the gist of it.

If external sharing is enabled in your tenant, that would possibly mean you can knock your self and your sites out with all sorts of smileys from Bing/google search. If its not, then you MUST add the images you wish to link to the KPI column to an accessible site where viewers have at least ‘View’ rights (interesting isn’t it, viewers MUST have ‘view’ rights duh!)
Well, I like adding my Images folder into my SharePoint Site Assets (Site contents > Site Assets > Images) Cleaner that way and manageable.
Once the images are in place and your calculated column tied to a Single Line of Text column in your SharePoint List

Based on the formula defined, your list will now show KPI images!

KPI Image column SharePoint List2


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