Items not synced with OneDrive for Business

Several of our end-users are experiencing this error with OneDrive for Business Sync stating that they don’t have proper credentials and they are needed to be re-entered. Only a sideways note to credential manager. Our TRT was able to find a link with a user documenting a fix, but others were not able to replicate […]

Invisible Content Editor WebPart Issue

ISSUE Sneaky invisible CEWP (content editor web part in SharePoint) continues to apply custom styling. And it is NOT visible for editing. It cannot be deleted and since it is also HIDDEN, adding more CEWPs will only create additional ones with [2], [3] trailing in their title. FIX Logical thought process that wasn’t too helpful. […]

To let or not to let that is the question – apps and permissions in Office 365 SharePoint Online

Quick tip for SharePoint Online site owners who are trying to decide what level of access should they(or should they?) give to site users. While it’s true that with the right level of access any Office 365 user can create an app with click of a button in SharePoint,  it’s very crucial to control what […]