EmployeeID in InfoPath Form- UserProfileServices AD Custom Attribute

EmployeeID is a custom attribute in the Active Directory user profile. When you use http://web-application/sites/_vti_bin/UserProfileService.asmx the user profile sync happening between Sharepoint and AD does not include  EmployeeID. In order to retrieve this custom attribute in the InfoPath form from Active Directory all we have to do is to add this custom property in the User Properties […]

SQL DataConnection in InfoPath forms: Part 1

We can set our InfoPath forms to receive SQL data. In order to do that we need have a A SharePoint library to hold our data connection files. Our list will use this data connection to retrieve rows from SQL DB. Its fairly straightforward to create a library in SP site. Go to your SharePoint […]

Sharepoint Designer and Infopath: issues opening from browser.

Gotcha for the day. When you try to customize a list in either InfoPath designer/ SharePoint designer 2010 from the web browser. If it doesn’t open, its probably because the IE is running in 64 bit mode. The solution was to open the site through IE 32 bit. On opening it, made sure the Control […]

Set the default scripting language in InfoPath 2010

If you want to change the default programming language for InfoPath custom code go to, File -> Option ->InfoPath Options Select More Options and choose the Design tab. Here you can change the custom programming language from VB – C# or vice-versa. You can also show Notifications for errors in code by selecting the option […]