EmployeeID in InfoPath Form- UserProfileServices AD Custom Attribute

EmployeeID is a custom attribute in the Active Directory user profile.

When you use http://web-application/sites/_vti_bin/UserProfileService.asmx the user profile sync happening between Sharepoint and AD does not include  EmployeeID.

In order to retrieve this custom attribute in the InfoPath form from Active Directory all we have to do is to add this custom property in the User Properties Mapping:

  1. Central Administration -> Manage Service Applications.
  1. User Profile Service Application ->  Manage User Properties.  We see a list of all the attributes in AD that is imported to SP user profile services.
  1. New Property, and add EmployeeID . Make it available to all sites using User Profile Services by  making it available to ‘everyone‘ and Replicable.
  1. Add New Mapping” Select the right attribute from the drop down list to map the new attribute to (employeeID).
  2. Go to user Profile Service Application index page -> Start Profile Synchroziation -> Full Sync.
  3. Your new custom attributes would now be imported from AD.

In order to check if the import is successful or not you can go to FIM(Forefront Identity Manager) client which is usually located in

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell\miisclient.exe

and verify if your synchronization was successful. Assuming you have sufficient rights to access all the services and CA.

You can now use the new attribute EmployeeID in your InfoPath form.

For a very good article on understanding UserProfile Web Services refer: http://www.harbar.net/articles/sp2010ups.aspx

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