Print View in InfoPath 2013

So, you have a really pretty InfoPath 2013 form. Filler/ Web based form doesn’t matter, if you are like me, odds are that your form is pretty colorful. Red and white tables, with pretty yellow shaded controls in them. And your user who is now very happy to submit data using your form, and now wants to print it. But..oops, she/ he doesn’t have a color printer. No worries,
All you have to do is to create a new view for Print.

  1. Copy all the controls from your default view or the view you designed.
  2. Create a New View – for ease of use, be very creative and call it “Print View” and paste the stuff you copied into it.
  3. Get rid of all the glitter/shimmer and shade. You could even get rid of all the default info. like User Name, Email ID and anything else that the user doesn’t much care to print and already knows.
  4. Now go to your pretty view- yes, the other view that you copied and  click, Properties -> Print Settings -> Select an existing view to use when printing this view-> Choose your really plain “Print View” from the drop down.

When the user now tries to print the form, the printer picks up its black and white printer friendly “Print View”. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Print View in InfoPath 2013

  1. Hi , I need a Print button on my actual view, so that when user clicks the print button, Print View is printed.. How can I provide print function on my infopath form?


    1. Hey there,
      1) Open up the form in display view(selecting the Title to view)
      2) Edit the page and add ‘Content Editor Web Part’
      3) In Edit source – type
      4) This will add a button with the text “Print this form” as seen in the image below
      Print view script
      Clicking the button should take you to default browser print veiw which if I remember correctly removes the colors from the form prior to printing.
      You can always create a simple display view and add the print script too.
      Trust this helps.


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