WYSIWYG Business Cards App in SharePoint Online using @Nintex Forms and Workflow for @Office365 apps

Title: WYSIWYG Business Cards App in SharePoint Online using Nintex Forms and Workflow for Office 365 apps Details: A solution showcase session. ‘What you see is what you get’ in this business cards app for Office 365 SharePoint Online using Nintex forms and workflow apps for Office 365. Business Case:  Your customer has a business need […]

Users and Groups in @Nintex forms for Office 365 – Part 2 (Check if current user belongs to a group)

Get SharePoint groups name(s), the current logged in user belongs to. This can be used to set form fields as well as workflow variables to direct flow of the request process depending on the group current user belongs to. Task: To check if logged in user belongs to a particular group Forms Tool: Nintex forms for Office […]

Users and Groups in @Nintex forms for Office 365 – Part 1 (Get current user)

Get the current logged in user properties in Nintex for Office 365 Task: To load a request form with logged in users full name. Forms Tool: Nintex forms for Office 365 Control: Text control for Name, Email or other properties you wish to display in the form Make sure your SP is loaded prior to […]

Custom control scripts for Nintex Forms

Handy scripts to get custom display value in a field based on the value submitted by the user. To get login id of the user in a label control without @organizationname.org Set the control’s CSS style value to a custom style name. (.my-custom-label in this example) Include an empty style in the Custom CSS section in form settings (.my-custom-lable{}; for […]

@Nintex Workflow Professional Certificate

Today I took an exam and added Nintex Workflow Professional Certificate to my list of official certifications. Target audience for the certification are experienced forms and workflow creators. Questions covered designing, creating and debuggins Nintex workflows and forms concepts. #Excited to have taken the test as it was the high point of my day! Nintex tells me I am skilled at […]

Hyperlink to Edit item in SharePoint using Nintex for Office 365

Business case: Users want direct link to Edit Item from their notification email body without having to go to the form ribbon and then clicking on Edit Item as seen below. Solution: Say you have ‘Send an Email’ action in the Nintex workflow with the text below. U‍RL of the current item: {Workflow Context:Current item […]