WYSIWYG Business Cards App in SharePoint Online using @Nintex Forms and Workflow for @Office365 apps

Title: WYSIWYG Business Cards App in SharePoint Online using Nintex Forms and Workflow for Office 365 apps Details: A solution showcase session. ‘What you see is what you get’ in this business cards app for Office 365 SharePoint Online using Nintex forms and workflow apps for Office 365. Business Case:  Your customer has a business need […]

#Nintex connect community

Considering I’ve trained and continue to train several power-users in Nintex and enabling them to be their department superstars who address their complex, day-to-day business workflow and form requirements using Nintex for Office 365 apps as well, I wanted to share this blog link on Nintex community manager Frank Field. He is amazing with his responsiveness to […]

Public Speaking Tips from Nintex Experts

Speaking in front of a group of people can be nervous experience for some of us and its totally OK. Not everyone is devoid of stage fear/ fear of presenting ideas. Perhaps we feel like our ideas aren’t worth sharing, or maybe we don’t feel confident about our presentation skills or it could be anything […]

Validation issue with #NintexForm for #Office365

Those following this post on Nintex connect, know that I have been struggling to set client validation on controls in the form that our end-users have to submit which are required fields. Issue with description can be found in this NintexConnect post. Text/ field validation with button click in #nintexforms for #office365 Support team was […]

Nintex for Office 365 Workflow Designer Error – Oops! Something went wrong is right now! – Swetha Sankaran

Recently we had an issue with a huge workflow where the workflow would not publish and fail with Oops error. I could not export the workflow either. Nintex customer support in https://community.nintex.com as always rocked and they got back to me with possible potential fixes pretty fast. One of the recommendations was to split up the workflow […]

Speaker-Swetha Sankaran

Dashboard solution for SharePoint Online using HighCharts, custom views, KPI columns and Nintex for Office 365 apps

Session topic: Dashboard solution for SharePoint Online using HighCharts, custom views, KPI columns and Nintex for Office 365 apps. “Your organization uses Office 365 SharePoint Online sites and you have been collecting requests for new software from your staff. This request has a workflow process associated with it. Staff places a request for software, an approver […]