Nintex for Office 365 Workflow Designer Error – Oops! Something went wrong is right now! – Swetha Sankaran

Recently we had an issue with a huge workflow where the workflow would not publish and fail with Oops error. I could not export the workflow either.

Nintex customer support in as always rocked and they got back to me with possible potential fixes pretty fast.

One of the recommendations was to split up the workflow into multiple to avoid stability issues. While there was not any published limitations and recommendations for the design of Nintex workflow for Office 365, the recommended solution was spot on and resolved my issue. Check out the image of my Workflow Gallery showing all the parent and child workflows.

I split the workflow into smaller ones and started them in parallel block and it worked as expected. So far so good and everything gets published without issues.Child workflows

One limitation I DID find was for the number of variables. I had 53 and the publishing failed with message below.


Error publishing workflow. Workflow XAML failed validation due to DynamicActivity having more than 50 arguments.
Due to the number of fields in the current list, I had to create variables to save values from a number of selected dropdown lookup systems.  We had 53 variables out of which 4 weren’t being used in the Parent Workflow.

But found the solution and applied and workflow published successfully phew!


Just blogging in case anyone else finds this useful.

Thanks @NintexSupport I just wanted to send an update after I wrapped the blocks up so I’ll not give false alarm. You guys rock and your customer support continues to be exceptional. Thanks and this is much appreciated.

Special thanks to  Pavel Svetleachni – Nintex Support and or the quick idea and to Frank Field – Nintex Support for the fast reply always.

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