Nintex Office 365 Workflow for SharePoint Online: Approval Comments Capture

You have a list and a complex(its a relative term eh!) workflow with multiple approval paths where the approver needs to be able to input reasons for rejection/ approval. You have to do a little tiny add to the task list to enable the recording of comments and copying it back to a column in the list. Say for instance, your requirements are such that

1. Approver A approves a task, adds her/his comments
2. Task assigned to Approver B -> pass her/his comments and then upon approval
3. Task assigned to Approver A again for review-> review comments and then everyone is happy! Yay!

The first step you need to do to capture your Approver(s) Comments is to add Commentsexisting site column to your Workflow’s Tasks List.
Then make sure it is the second or third in the ordering, just so it’ll show up without having to click More in the task item      edit view. Once you have ‘Comments’ added to your workflow tasks list,

Steps required to capture comments of Approver of a task item

1. Create a workflow variable and capture the Task ID from Assign a task action in my example I called it taskID(I know, am the creative genius 😉 )
2. Create a string workflow variable and get the value of Comments field in Workflow Tasks list when its GUID =the captured Task ID
3. Update List Item if you wish to save the comments to the parent list as a column value and assign the column with the value of the string variable.

This step can be repeated with any number of Approvers/Assign a task actions. Mine works great with sequential approval workflow process.

Screen shot describes how you Set Workflow Variable with taskID.

Set Workflow Variable
Set Workflow Variable to get comments of approver in Edit Item of Workflow Task List

Repeat the same for the rest of Assign a Task  action, Set a string workflow variable with value of Comments from Workflow Tasks where GUID = taskID and then Update the parent list item with value of the string variable to the column in the parent list.

If all goes well for you, you should see also see something like this;

ListView Comments
ListView Comments

Huge shout out to that I used for reference.

Happy Nintexing!


  1. Hello,

    I have been trying to get the multiple approves process to work however it currently does not work.

    My workflow assigns a task when an item is created on O365 to a Manager and then if it follows the approved branch it assigns another task and sends to another Approving Manager. However testing it out after i approve the first manager, the e-mail is never sent out to the second approving manager… Do you know if I have set this up incorrectly?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm…I have an idea based on when I faced this a couple of times. Check your List Item > Advanced > Workflows > Status and see whether it is ‘Suspended‘ at the second approval level. Chances are that there are some text/approval assignment issues in the #Nintex workflow for #Office365 ‘Assign a task‘ action for the second level approver in your workflow.

      Check out this post on suspended workflow: If the second approving manager is a sharepoint group, then maybe its a Group Setting issue.
      You can try the fix in my post and see that resolves anything.

      Send a screenshot if you want me to assist with this more! It helps to visualize, and if you managed so solve it already, share it. 🙂



  2. Hi,
    what if i’m using start a task process instead of assign a task?
    i’m using start a task process because the list of approvers is not using sharepoint group, instead, i’m using a sharepoint list to define the approver matrix.
    kindly advise.


    • Hmmm…. start a process works just fine and has multiple approval options(take first outcome/ wait for all approvers to act etc.,) I will have to look at your workflow to advice anything further though.
      You could create a custom SharePoint Group and include all the accounts from your approver matrix into the group and use that in your ‘participants’ field of the ‘start a task process’ action. If that suits your requirements ofcourse. 🙂 Every customer’s needs are different and I would need more info to give my additional two cents…;-)
      Although thats all I have for my retirement so…..(just kidding, I just have 1)
      Export your workflow and feel free to email me and I can see what I can find. You can also reach out to #Nintex Support. They are AMAZING!


      • With the assign task option you get the “TaskID” output so that you can then use it later in the wf but if you use the “Start a task” there is no “TaskID” option, just the outcome. How do you capture the “TaskID” from a “start a task” option so that you can then proceed to update the comments field?


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