Office 365 SharePoint sites: Moving site contents from one site to another

In our Office 365 SharePoint Online world, we all know that we have to ‘plan our sites and work our plan‘ to avoid any changes down the line that might affect the seamless functioning of our lists and libraries. Infact this is applicable to any version of SharePoint.

But, just like everything else in life, our sites too are subject to changes after being created.
Why? Maybe you planned wrong, or maybe your manager had some other plan, or maybe the team that you discussed your plan with had a long day an just nodded their heads during the discussion but realized later that your plan is flawed,  after you implemented the plan, or maybe its all of the above put together, in which case, good luck to you my friend! Get the coffee going.

Anyways, no worries. Good news is that, in Office 365 SharePoint Online(too) you can move
-Sites to other sites
-Site contents to other site contents
You can accomplish this with site manager page. Just go to your sharepoint site and append _layouts/sitemanager.aspx
You will be redirected to hierarchical tree structure view of your site with its contents.

Steps for the move:
– Goto site manager url: EG: https://your sharepoint site url/_layouts/15/sitemanager.aspx
– select the content you wish to move
– click on the down arrow of the content name, select Move
– In the Move..Webpage Dialog that pops up, select the destination to move the item you selected and click OK.

Moving site/ site content from one site to another
Moving site/ site content from one site to another

You can see that your content is moved to the destination.

As simple as that. But, use this with caution and this most definitely is not an excuse for designing/architecting a bad site. Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Office 365 SharePoint sites: Moving site contents from one site to another

    1. Preston, to my knowledge this works only within site collection. You can look at migration tools like ShareGate for advanced site collection migration requirements. If I hear about any other options/ apply in my environment, I’ll let you know. Thanks for your time in reading my blog.


    1. The URL you suggested would be another site collection, (to which I don’t have access), so can’t try that, but seems unlikely that would help. However, after having enabled the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” feature on the Site Collection, I could move it from the “Content and Structure” page (under Site Administration).


  1. I found the site manager page just fine and see the sub-site I want to move my list to, but when I check the box for the custom list and look at actions “Move” is grayed out. Any idea why that would be?



  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the great article! I see my site structure but I do not have the “Move” or “Copy” option when I click on the down arrow of the content. How can i resolve this? Appreciate your comments in advance


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