Shared resources booking system for Office 365 SharePoint Online

Site user/manager wants a booking system to handle reservations for multiple shared resources in their Office 365 SharePoint Online site. Systems to book are;
– Labs
– Meeting rooms
– Laptop carts
– Teacher assistance
– Any shared location/Or any other system that requires shared resources to be booked.


– Create a new custom list app with the list of items to be booked


Select ‘Custom List’ in Site Contents > Your Apps2-SelectCustomList

Edit “Custom List” by clicking ‘Edit’ and add all the titles of resources in ‘Title’ list column. This can be Equipments, Devices, Services etc.,

– Create a calendar app and link the list app created above as a Multi-Value lookup.
– Save the calendar app as a template
– Create calendar list apps based on the template for the other rooms.
– Add all the created room calendars to one Overlay view.
– Remove all the other links for the created calendars from the quick launch.
– Rename the Overlay view-the main calendar launch page to be visible in the quicklaunch
– Once this is done, the users can look at the Over lay view and see what all are booked and what slots are available.
– They can then add the item in the corresponding calendar which will then be rolled-up in the Overlay View.
– Alternatively, users can also Sync their Calendar app to their Outlook Calendar and book the required rooms from their Outlook after verifying what slots are available in the Overlay view.



6 thoughts on “Shared resources booking system for Office 365 SharePoint Online

  1. Hi,
    I am following your instructions in how to do this but Online 365 SharePoint doesn’t not support Multi-Value lookup. I created a dataview custom list and added all the resources on every line and created the calendar but it shows all the added titles on the calendar as separate items… Not what I was really seeking to do. Maybe you could amend your documentation to be a little more visual and more detail?

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  2. Well this only allows 10 calendar overlays… I have 18. Problem is how it will show up on the calendar as Item A, Item B, etc. It doesn’t show the Title. Is there a step that was missed?

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