Shared resources booking system for Office 365 SharePoint Online

Site user/manager wants a booking system to handle reservations for multiple shared resources in their Office 365 SharePoint Online site. Systems to book are;
– Labs
– Meeting rooms
– Laptop carts
– Teacher assistance
– Any shared location/Or any other system that requires shared resources to be booked.


– Create a new custom list app with the list of items to be booked


Select ‘Custom List’ in Site Contents > Your Apps2-SelectCustomList

Edit “Custom List” by clicking ‘Edit’ and add all the titles of resources in ‘Title’ list column. This can be Equipments, Devices, Services etc.,

– Create a calendar app and link the list app created above as a Multi-Value lookup.
– Save the calendar app as a template
– Create calendar list apps based on the template for the other rooms.
– Add all the created room calendars to one Overlay view.
– Remove all the other links for the created calendars from the quick launch.
– Rename the Overlay view-the main calendar launch page to be visible in the quicklaunch
– Once this is done, the users can look at the Over lay view and see what all are booked and what slots are available.
– They can then add the item in the corresponding calendar which will then be rolled-up in the Overlay View.
– Alternatively, users can also Sync their Calendar app to their Outlook Calendar and book the required rooms from their Outlook after verifying what slots are available in the Overlay view.




  1. Hi,
    I am following your instructions in how to do this but Online 365 SharePoint doesn’t not support Multi-Value lookup. I created a dataview custom list and added all the resources on every line and created the calendar but it shows all the added titles on the calendar as separate items… Not what I was really seeking to do. Maybe you could amend your documentation to be a little more visual and more detail?

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  2. Well this only allows 10 calendar overlays… I have 18. Problem is how it will show up on the calendar as Item A, Item B, etc. It doesn’t show the Title. Is there a step that was missed?

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