Dashboard solution for SharePoint Online using HighCharts, custom views, KPI columns and Nintex for Office 365 apps

Session topic:
Dashboard solution for SharePoint Online using HighCharts, custom views, KPI columns and Nintex for Office 365 apps.

“Your organization uses Office 365 SharePoint Online sites and you have been collecting requests for new software from your staff. This request has a workflow process associated with it. Staff places a request for software, an approver blesses it, a reviewer blesses it too, then the staff gets the software and workflow process is completed. All wonderfully setup and running smoothly! So far so good, but now your list has thousands of rows of items (well, maybe not thousands, but enough to cause confusion to the manager who wants a quick analysis/report of the requests. We all know a picture speaks a thousand words. So, in comes our HighCharts and its animated prebuilt charts, and custom color coded views, snugly fit in a custom dashboard page. Now all your admin/manager who is tasked with reporting on the status of requests has to do is take a quick glance at the dashboard page you set up and get a dynamic update of all the requests. See how many are new/pending/rejected/approved within a matter of minutes.”

For those looking for my presentation slides Here it is: Link to my Slidedeck

Thus begins my Office 365-SharePoint Online SME speaker journey.  SharePoint Saturday at Baltimore was a very exciting experience for multiple reasons. Primarily because it was my very first in-person speaker session. Missed a couple of sessions that I was really looking forward to attend and regret that I couldn’t sit in. Hopefully I will get to sit in and soak info on Stacey Deere-Strole & Matthew Bramers sessions next SharePoint Saturday event!

I really enjoyed Office 365 Groups(by Gina Montgomery), Sway(by Srini Sistla) and Responsive design in SP 2013(by Bill Wolff) ! SPS DC is almost around the corner…well not really around the corner, more like, take a straight road and then the first right, followed by second left after the first signal. In human speak, its on October 3rd 2015.

And yes, I have submitted a topic for that as well!  😉

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