Template @Office365 #SharePoint Site- Whose notebook is that again?

Gentle ladies and handsome men, first and foremost-this smiley ’cause, I LOVE IT and it made me so happy for no reason!


Then this issue that I’ve spoken about to a few, once you template a site and create a new site based on the template.

In Office 365, SharePoint Online sites, you get Notebook link in the left navigation panel(Should you’ve chosen ‘Seattle’ layout) and then if you click the link, it’ll display the original templated sites notebook name and you’ll be like whaaaaaa???

Hence this post. So, keep calm, be nice, your SharePoint is still your friend. No worries.

It’s literally a matter of

  1. Cut
  2. Deactivate
  3. Activate and
  4. take notes happily ever after.

No seriously, that’s all.

And that’s that! PD blog for the day.

Good luck.

Office365 SharePoint contents are empty- ISSUE @OfficeSupport

Any info on what is going on at Office 365 SharePoint sites?

No contents are visible for any of our sites/collections. Are there any known issues that are being  fixed by MS engineers via update?

https://lcpsorg.sharepoint.com is our tenant.

I am an administrator and I CAN NOT see anything in my SharePoint admin center. This is affecting 1000’s of users functionality(educators and classroom collaboration as well as admins and team sites) and any help is much appreciated.

Please find screen shots attached. This is very important we get it fixed for our schools.

Thank You.


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An educator’s concern on k12 introduction to poetry, and interesting U.S. Poets Laureate Discussion

I just got back from submitting my art works for display at a gallery in our area and do what I do, as soon as I get home.

What, take my shoes off? Nope, turn the TV ON, which is ON CSPAN by default and by choice. I was mildly surprised to just happen to start the TV when this section of discussion was ‘broadcast-ed’ 🙂

I had to blog and share, as it relates to K12, educators and more importantly to poetry all those which I care about- a LOT too.

NOVEMBER 22, 2015

U.S. Poets Laureate Discussion

Poet Campbell McGrath moderated a discussion between current U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera and former U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan.”

The educator’s question is something that has had me pondering on and off for a while now.
I used to eagerly await my english period so I can listen to the wonderful Mrs. Leema Xavier’s rendition on the various poems in our collections. At times describing how John Milton lamented after he lost his sight, then how beautifully she would read all those wonderful William Wordsworth’s lines, all those daffodils, friends and foes and how many miles we had before we slept! I LOVED poems primarily thanks to her and her style of teaching. My love is still unadulterated, and while the content/quality of my works are questionable, I do write and create and hey, its all relative eh!

But for those that didn’t have any exposure to poetry or might not, here are what the amazing U.S Poets Laureate had to say, I in particular enjoyed their delightful sense of humor! Thanks @BookTV and @CSPAN
Poet Laureates

Former U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan-

I had no exposure to poetry as a child and I don’t feel dismal about these things. There is in us something that wants something, that keeps seeking it until it finds it.”

A certain kind of mind will HAVE to have it and WILL find it and will ALWAYS SEEK IT!” Woot! Personally, I still do-constantly, hence I am a jigyaasu(eternal seeker)

“A sensitive mind acquires language, acquires great trove of potential.Poets always come from weird spots and never from where they are supposed to! ” 🙂

Current U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera-

“I like to do with Middle and High School kids something like wordathon, conversatiothon, cause its hard to get the words out.

“like, what am I gonna write, like — therefore?!” 🙂

Everyone has a conversation and are listening, taking words they like that come to them and use them as they are moving! When they read, they are WILD poems! I would recommend put on headphones and it’ll be a lot of fun Woot!

Link to the clip with educator’s concern and the Laureates answers. https://t.co/Ut5fjg7xyc 

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Women In SharePoint DC

Stepping up as president and organizer of Women in SharePoint DC – Swetha Sankaran

Wanted to share an awesome news!

What an honor and blessing this is, to be nominated for being the next PresidentWomen In SharePoint DC and I am thrilled to accept the very kind and generous offer. I have stepped up to the role effective 11/2/2015 and will strive to do justice to it. Thanks  #FEDSPUG  and #WSPDC for continuing to believe in me. You guys rock!

Meetup site for WSPDC-FEDSPUG– Check us out!

Eagerly looking forward to doing great things and giving back to our #Office 365 and #SharePoint end-user community. Those who know me well, know my passion for sharing, enabling, educating, supporting and promoting self-sufficiency for those that need support and help(SharePoint/ Office365 or otherwise 🙂 ).

Making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of folks that need help and reach out to us as well as those that do but can’t – means a LOT to me. The story you shared with me was truly inspirational Rima, you are fabulous and amazing for what you do.  Hi5 you rockstar you!! While I hope nobody has to go through tough times, if ever they do, and if we can be of assistance, I truly hope to be there and do all that I can to assist. This is going to be a great journey and one I am eagerly looking forward to take.

Truly an honor and thank YOU BOTH (Mack and Rima)!

Swetha Sankaran, President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC

Swetha Sankaran
President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC
Co-organizer FEDSPUG

Being a leader and what it means – Inspiration and leadership style

The UK’s most powerful women share their experiences, advice and philosophy for a successful working life.

To a very large degree, several of their statements resonated with me for, I believe in those as well and strive to apply those exact strategies in my life and work(they aren’t really two different entities for me) to a great extent.
Listing below some of my observations(literal quotes most) on what they stated, which I loved and will repetitively read and continue to practice!

  • Through passion, perseverance and determination you can achieve anything.

  • Its really important that when you leave a room, people say good things about you and the choices you made for them and they appreciate your integrity. You loose your integrity, you loose everything.

  • Moments when you realize what you are not good at, than what you are. You may not be a great writer,artist,developer “but your best skill on job is in actually supporting the people. Those are the moments that are more seminal and leads you onto a track which allows you to be good at what you do

  • Take a leap (of faith) in the dark and do what you think you can’t do

  • Leave a situation always better than the way you found it

  • I am anyone’s equal and no one’s superior” be braver, confident and repetitive but not chippy!  I live by this as well

  • Obstacles are but feedback & opportunities

  • Building something that is bigger and more important than you

  • “Have a standard that you don’t go beneath”

  • Repeated discussions with team on how to approach a situation and make it better

My personal favorite from a personality trait video


Success is relative as well. 🙂


Check out this business insider video link on personality traits for success


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Speaker-Swetha Sankaran

Dashboard solution for SharePoint Online using HighCharts, custom views, KPI columns and Nintex for Office 365 apps

Session topic:
Dashboard solution for SharePoint Online using HighCharts, custom views, KPI columns and Nintex for Office 365 apps.

“Your organization uses Office 365 SharePoint Online sites and you have been collecting requests for new software from your staff. This request has a workflow process associated with it. Staff places a request for software, an approver blesses it, a reviewer blesses it too, then the staff gets the software and workflow process is completed. All wonderfully setup and running smoothly! So far so good, but now your list has thousands of rows of items (well, maybe not thousands, but enough to cause confusion to the manager who wants a quick analysis/report of the requests. We all know a picture speaks a thousand words. So, in comes our HighCharts and its animated prebuilt charts, and custom color coded views, snugly fit in a custom dashboard page. Now all your admin/manager who is tasked with reporting on the status of requests has to do is take a quick glance at the dashboard page you set up and get a dynamic update of all the requests. See how many are new/pending/rejected/approved within a matter of minutes.”

For those looking for my presentation slides Here it is: Link to my Slidedeck

Thus begins my Office 365-SharePoint Online SME speaker journey.  SharePoint Saturday at Baltimore was a very exciting experience for multiple reasons. Primarily because it was my very first in-person speaker session. Missed a couple of sessions that I was really looking forward to attend and regret that I couldn’t sit in. Hopefully I will get to sit in and soak info on Stacey Deere-Strole & Matthew Bramers sessions next SharePoint Saturday event!

I really enjoyed Office 365 Groups(by Gina Montgomery), Sway(by Srini Sistla) and Responsive design in SP 2013(by Bill Wolff) ! SPS DC is almost around the corner…well not really around the corner, more like, take a straight road and then the first right, followed by second left after the first signal. In human speak, its on October 3rd 2015.

And yes, I have submitted a topic for that as well!  😉

Windows Startup Greetings

2.Create your greetings & accents(get funky! hours and hours of fun).
3.Download the generated .wav.
3.Control Panel -> Sounds & Audio -> Sounds -> Start Windows -> Browse -> Select t…he downloaded .wav.
Heee haaa…
Mine? Welcome swetha, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Serve with friendship and humility that’ll conquer the hearts of everyone(i know!! )