LaughingSquid with @StackSkills

One hour courses

How is everyone doing this weekend?

Aimless wandering in the web automagically landed me in a cool site called Laughing Squid.  I enrolled in Laughing Squid’s ‘freebie’ courses for the following web essential skills

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. jQuery
    5. HTML5
    6. GitHub

as well as

  1. iOS app development

Courses 1 through 6 are from Stack skills and are demoed using online editor called JS Bin.

This blog content is also written(errr…typed) and compiled with JS Bin! Cool eh!

Lessons are one hour each and to the point.

This list of one hour sessions are a great starter for beginners! Login and take advantage of it while you still can.

And, no, am not getting paid by Laughing Squid/ by StackSkills. Just found this useful and wanted to share with our community. I believe kids especially can get a kick out of these courses as they can see immediate results of their works in the Output window of JS Bin editor.

Here is the link to Laughing Squid store freebies:

And happy learning!



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