Office 365 Forms App Preview

New FORMS app for #Office365 for Education is easy to setup survey/quiz tool that comes with few reporting/analytics built in and available immediately on response submit.


It is pretty intuitive and did not take much time to figure out, especially if its a power user setting up quick quizzes/surveys. What I found useful was also the feature to export the results to excel for analysis.  All in all I think it will be very useful for staff to create quizzes, surveys, registration forms etc., for power-users/teacher/team alike, who are tasked with gathering data from users.

Few advantages I observed with this app:

  • Quick view of the # of response submitted in the ‘Responses’ tab
  • Option to download barcode and instantly access the form
  • Metadata details: Date submitted, who submitted it, date modified etc., when responses are exported to Excel so form authors can track the results.
  • Ability to embed the form in any external site/CMS via embed code
  • Responses dashboard(or what I call it as, its pretty cool with dynamic pretty charts. #winning)



Authors can view results in real-time via built-in analytics and data can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis. Teachers can create quizzes, including defining the right answers and students get real-time feedback.

Office 365 experience is getting better and better! Great collaboration option and lots to choose from.