SharePoint Saturday DC Fall 2015 – It’s here!

All set and awaiting my talk at #spsdc

Exciting sessions & great speakers! Ready with my big learning hat & my mini speaker hat on! 😉

Room 3, Time 4 is where I will be at with my slide & laptop(oh! and everywhere else when not there! Now if I can clone myself and place one in every talk, that will be the awesomest thing ever!  But, I’ve not tested my TimeTravellingTeleportedClone app yet so…next time!)

Session details
Session details

SharePoint Saturday – SPSDC Reston #SPSDC Reston 2015,3 October 2015 from 8:45am to 5:15pm

Check out my session’s Office Mix slide deck here!! 


#excelslicer, #no-code-report-solution, #office365, #poweruser, #sharepoint,#spsdc

#excel-slicer, #office-365, #power-user, #sharepoint-online

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