VB.NET to Delete files older than 30 days from folder

So, I wrote a comparison logic that would check the individual file to 30 days old with DateTime.Compare and wanted to share it in case it helps someone. I display the deleted file, the date it was created as well as the files which aren’t deleted with their creation date in two lists in the […]

Visual Studio 2012 Toolbox Items disabled

If your toolbox items are not visible in Visual Studio 2012, you can try to clear the local cache of the toolbox hidden files and restart Visual studio it should reset the Toolbox to its default settings. The items to be deleted are: toolbox.tbd, toolbox_reset.tbd, toolboxIndex.tbd, toolboxIndex_reset.tbd They can be found in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VSA\9.0 Trust this […]