Life and kindness

On my way to a store on a weekday evening, I saw a roadkill on the deserted Dry Mill road-my favorite road that I always take, no matter how pressed for time I am.

The deceased animal, a fluffy beautiful brown bunny was right there, in the center of the curvy road, barely bruised. No sign of hurt/ cut anywhere and the animal seemed like it was just resting. It seemed to be a very well taken care of pet bunny, which was well loved by its human.

Neither blood or bodily fluid surrounding it, it just lay there, like a stone, in the middle of the road.

I could not drive around it, and did not have the heart to drive through it either, you see, I had just been in the hospital and was reminded once again about the frailty of life. I felt very moved by this furry friend.

For reasons I don’t understand, the still bunny made recollect the loved ones in my life that were lost due to illness, time or just plain bad luck. One day they were, and the next just gone.  Now that I made a connection with this dear departed furry friend of mine, I felt the urge to protect what was left of this lifeless being’s dignity, so that that all those hurrying expensive and hybrid sedans, wagons, Jaguars, Lamborghinis or the occasional Tesla don’t run over it and cause it harm, in their hurry to get to their next destination.

I stopped my car, turned the hazard lights ON, pulled the tail of the bunny and moved it to the far end of the side of the road. Its final resting place, in the soft bed of grass covered in dew

Before I could get to my car, two different cars zoomed past mine, one almost hitting my door and none slowing down even a bit. Neither of them bothered to stop or slow down, in-spite of seeing my hazard blinkers.

I’m never one to judge another and I am sure they have their reasons. But, given the things I was witnessing in my life at that time, it just made me sad. For the bunny, for the folks that are always in such a hurry and in a way for me as well. It is good to slow down and reflect on ones life. Once-in-a-while.

It is always good to stop and help especially when one is not asking for it.  

Help the fallen
Help the fallen

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