Swetha Sankaran, Leadership role as president-WSPDC, LinkedIn recommendations #wspdc

Today is one of those days, where you feel like all the efforts you put selflessly do have good karma associated with them that the universe keeps track of and gives back at a most desired time and place.

#blessed and #humbled to be surrounded by some of the kindest people I’ve met via IT usergroups in Northern VA and Washington DC at Microsoft Corporation events. So many great things to be thankful for and this touched all our hearts today, immensely.

Thanks Jason and Tim! Your recommendations filled my family with pride and joy & that meant a LOT to me. 🙂
I have very few memories of my dear departed dad,

1.  But, his advice ‘When you pass-away, you should ensure that your footprints are left behind for others to follow and remember you by, as a leader that lead by example and not as a spectator’ is deeply rooted in my mind. I think I’m slowly,softly but surely imprinting my own prints in the world, one foot at a time.
2.  Second he passed on by example. I might have been three or four at that time and was pestering him to take me home after a very long walk in the hot sun. We were almost near our destination where he spotted a really tired, shriveled looking older lady looking lost by a bus stop. He wanted to go ask if she was OK, I protested saying I want to go home, for which he patiently explained how it is important to not just help those that ask for, but to be there for those that are in need of help but can’t ask or even don’t know how to. She didn’t even have sandals in the hot tar road. He gave away his sandals, gave money for her trip, waited till the bus arrived and specifically instructed the conductor to drop her off wherever her hometown was. He gave the money he had and then the lady thanking him profusely with teary eyes, held me tight and gave me a kiss.

She blessed me and said I should be as good and kind as he was. I, to this day remember that incident and so many other incidents when my mom literally gave away ALL that she had to support those that were in need on several occasions and literally built from scratch-successfully that too, all the while she herself didn’t have much to build up on, but confidence and family support.This is where I come from, who I am and will always strive to be. This is why I am the way I am too I guess. Could be perceived as right/ wrong, its all just a relative term and to each owns interpretation isnt’ it!? 🙂

Immaterial of the outcomes of any voluntary or involuntary actions or reactions mine, be some desired and the rest imposed upon, I must say, The Universe has been consistently kind to me and I am grateful for all that it brings my way. Family, friends, acquaintances and adversaries. They all enrich my life, and aid me in becoming a better human being.

What I have here and now, that guiding angel whoever it be,always seems to have my back, are that continues to keep me going strong, chiseling me to its desired perfection. All relative ofcourse, but all heartfelt and genuine. God bless you all kind folks out there. who expressed their opinion of who they think I am. As always I will strive to give my BEST and then some more, leaving no stone un-turned to do justice for all the kind words.

May peace of mind, love and laughter be with you always and for ever!




Thanks again Jason, Tim, Rima and above all Mack Sigman, who has been my huge support!
Hope to be successful in any service role I undertake, for I truly believe I can make a difference and anyone that knows me, know my passion for this. 🙂

Hope to continue collaborating even more with you all via WSPDC-FEDSPUG and I am positive that our community will only grow stronger than ever on the cloud and in-person.

Can’t wait to see you all soon! Have a blessed eve and weekend! 🙂


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