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WYSIWYG Business Cards App in SharePoint Online using @Nintex Forms and Workflow for @Office365 apps

Title: WYSIWYG Business Cards App in SharePoint Online using Nintex Forms and Workflow for Office 365 apps


A solution showcase session. ‘What you see is what you get’ in this business cards app for Office 365 SharePoint Online using Nintex forms and workflow apps for Office 365.

Business Case: 

Your customer has a business need where they want to preview their cards order as it would appear in print before they submit their request.

They want to preload user information when they log in to the system. When they submit their request, the manager who handles the processing should get ALL details of user submitting request with a means to view the requests in site.Anyone in the organization can submit request for cards and the manager should have access to everything in the system.

Learning Objectives:
In this session, attendees will learn how to create apps in Office 365 SharePoint online with preview panel of their data containing logged in user profile information as well as customize/ brand their forms.

Focus Areas:
#SharePoint, #Office365 and the Cloud and #Nintex apps for Office 365

Skill Level:
Introductory / Intermediate

Speaker Bio:


Swetha Sankaran is an Office 365 SharePoint online expert working with SharePoint and Microsoft BI stack since 2008. Currently focusing on Office 365 user adoption, apps, forms and workflows processes to automate several business processes from manual/ paper based forms.

She is a Microsoft Certified Specialist(SharePoint and Business Intelligence), Nintex Certified Forms and Workflow Professional, Computer Engineer, President – Women in SharePoint DC,ProductivityEDU and Co-Chair #FEDSPUG

Twitter: @SwethaSan
LinkedIn: Link2Swe
Blog: www.swethasankaran.com

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Swetha Sankaran, Leadership role as president-WSPDC, LinkedIn recommendations #wspdc

Today is one of those days, where you feel like all the efforts you put selflessly do have good karma associated with them that the universe keeps track of and gives back at a most desired time and place.

#blessed and #humbled to be surrounded by some of the kindest people I’ve met via IT usergroups in Northern VA and Washington DC at Microsoft Corporation events. So many great things to be thankful for and this touched all our hearts today, immensely.

Thanks Jason and Tim! Your recommendations filled my family with pride and joy & that meant a LOT to me. 🙂
I have very few memories of my dear departed dad,

1.  But, his advice ‘When you pass-away, you should ensure that your footprints are left behind for others to follow and remember you by, as a leader that lead by example and not as a spectator’ is deeply rooted in my mind. I think I’m slowly,softly but surely imprinting my own prints in the world, one foot at a time.
2.  Second he passed on by example. I might have been three or four at that time and was pestering him to take me home after a very long walk in the hot sun. We were almost near our destination where he spotted a really tired, shriveled looking older lady looking lost by a bus stop. He wanted to go ask if she was OK, I protested saying I want to go home, for which he patiently explained how it is important to not just help those that ask for, but to be there for those that are in need of help but can’t ask or even don’t know how to. She didn’t even have sandals in the hot tar road. He gave away his sandals, gave money for her trip, waited till the bus arrived and specifically instructed the conductor to drop her off wherever her hometown was. He gave the money he had and then the lady thanking him profusely with teary eyes, held me tight and gave me a kiss.

She blessed me and said I should be as good and kind as he was. I, to this day remember that incident and so many other incidents when my mom literally gave away ALL that she had to support those that were in need on several occasions and literally built from scratch-successfully that too, all the while she herself didn’t have much to build up on, but confidence and family support.This is where I come from, who I am and will always strive to be. This is why I am the way I am too I guess. Could be perceived as right/ wrong, its all just a relative term and to each owns interpretation isnt’ it!? 🙂

Immaterial of the outcomes of any voluntary or involuntary actions or reactions mine, be some desired and the rest imposed upon, I must say, The Universe has been consistently kind to me and I am grateful for all that it brings my way. Family, friends, acquaintances and adversaries. They all enrich my life, and aid me in becoming a better human being.

What I have here and now, that guiding angel whoever it be,always seems to have my back, are that continues to keep me going strong, chiseling me to its desired perfection. All relative ofcourse, but all heartfelt and genuine. God bless you all kind folks out there. who expressed their opinion of who they think I am. As always I will strive to give my BEST and then some more, leaving no stone un-turned to do justice for all the kind words.

May peace of mind, love and laughter be with you always and for ever!




Thanks again Jason, Tim, Rima and above all Mack Sigman, who has been my huge support!
Hope to be successful in any service role I undertake, for I truly believe I can make a difference and anyone that knows me, know my passion for this. 🙂

Hope to continue collaborating even more with you all via WSPDC-FEDSPUG and I am positive that our community will only grow stronger than ever on the cloud and in-person.

Can’t wait to see you all soon! Have a blessed eve and weekend! 🙂


SharePoint Fest and May the 4th be with you- THE FUTURE OF #SHAREPOINT #ONEDRIVE

What an amazing set of training sessions it was at SharePoint Fest DC 2016 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center from April 27-29th.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that it was a training heaven of sorts for any Office 365/ SharePoint geek. Be it a curious user, an inquisitive beginner or a passionate proponent of Office 365 SharePoint, there were boat loads to learn from the various tracks offered in the conference.

Governance, Security, Development, Search and MUCH MUCH MORE taught by none other than the most respected MVP SMEs of Microsoft and Microsoft product leaders themselves.

What more could an attendee ask for? Wait…what? Training materials from the sessions, as well?
Oh! no worries…you got those too AND ALL of them sesssions, immaterial of which track you chose to attend. You get ’em all thanks to the smart planning and generosity of SharePoint Fest conference planners! WOOT! You guys rock!
I got them ALL, therefore, my team & organization gets them all as well. DOUBLE WOOT!

So much to adapt and implement and its all for the better.

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY for me personally were two things

  1. This line by Mr. Benjamin NiaulinMe/ We and WE+Process is OneDrive/Office365 Groups and Team Sites” This explanation, answered a lot of questions I had.
  2. Info about the upcoming webinar on “FUTURE OF SHAREPOINT & ONEDRIVE”.
    ANY organization public, private or in-between, that is doing ANYTHING, cloud(Office 365), Hybrid(On Prem & O365) or On-Premise SharePoint, MUST attend this FREE webinar on May 4th.
    May the 4th better be with you if you want to know what is coming your cloud way, so you can better plan and implement several features and support your end-users with their Office 365 and SharePoint implementations.

What if you can’t attend this session you ask?
No-worries, you can always watch the recorded video of the event later.

What if you refuse to watch the video too you ask?
Well, then you’ll just be left behind. 🙂 And no one wants that for oneself or their environments. Well all know that second and third hand news becomes diluted. Hearing for ourselves from the ones who ARE the masters of the topic is the best way to stay in the lead.

So, without further ado and after all that build up: Here is what Microsoft has to say about the event-

“Come celebrate SharePoint and see

Keynote speaker: Jeff Teper-CVP OneDrive, SharePoint
Keynote speaker: Jeff Teper-CVP OneDrive, SharePoint

unveil our new vision and roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, both on-premises and in the cloud with Office 365.

Following the live keynote from San Francisco there will be a number of on-demand sessions detailing our upcoming innovations. Whether you’re a user, IT pro, or developer, we’ll have a lot to share as part of this historic moment.”

If this LANDING THE FUTURE OF SHAREPOINT keynote is anything like the keynotes from SharePoint Fest DC Conference, then we all are in for a treat. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO REGISTER FOR THE SESSION- NOW

May the 4th be with you!

Learn how to build a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) on #SharePoint Online

March #FEDSPUG #WSPDC #ProductivityEDU session 

Building a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) on SharePoint Online

All IT departments need to keep track of assets for which they are responsible from the physical servers, virtual servers, switches, to IP addresses, software, licenses, and other less tangible things.  Many shops keep all of their IP addresses on a spreadsheet and prove just how bad it is when multiple people need access at any given time.  Scott is going to show you how to keep track of all of those configurable items using SharePoint to improve your IT shop’s collaboration and communication because 90% of all downtime is due to a bad change in the environment.  Starting with the CMDB, you’ll see how you can expand it to enable change management, release management, and more based on the ITIL framework.

Scott Brewster

Scott Brewster has been involved in SharePoint since 2008 and got his MCTS in MOSS 2007 Configuration in September 2008.  He then started working as a farm administrator, but has been mainly focused on the web front end and client-side configuration since October 2012.  Most of his clients have been with the government in the intelligence community or the Department of Defense.  He works for Xcelerate Solutions in McLean, VA, automating their business processes on Office 365 and helping them prepare for their own SharePoint offering.


Microsoft Corporation 12012 Sunset Hills Rd # 100, Reston, VA (edit map)

Be there!

Public Speaking Tips from Nintex Experts

Speaking in front of a group of people can be nervous experience for some of us and its totally OK. Not everyone is devoid of stage fear/ fear of presenting ideas. Perhaps we feel like our ideas aren’t worth sharing, or maybe we don’t feel confident about our presentation skills or it could be anything else that puts a mental block for us when we ponder speaking speaking in front of a group of people.

Whatever be our case or story, anyone who wants to speak in front of anyone else, will definitely benefit from checking out this awesome #Nintex blog on public speaking, where Nintex experts share their tips and tricks that works for them. We can learn from each other and a lot from this post.

11 Public Speaking Tips from Nintex Experts

Feeling #excited and fortunate to be included in the list and happy to contribute. Thanks Tammy Batey! 🙂

If I can speak, so can you!  If you have a story to tell (Office365/SharePoint/Nintex related – lessons learnt, solutions implemented, hurdles crossed) and want to share, email me at swetha.sankaran@gmail.com

Perhaps we can have you share your story in our next #WSPDC, #FEDSPUG  usergroup session in our 15 minutes of fame section or a full section even! Limitless possibilities. 🙂

Peace, love and happy SharePointing on the cloud. Oh! and a very happy new year!


#leadership, #office365, #public-speaking

8 traits to success

Eight common traits in successful leaders around the world – by Richard St. John

PASSION – The biggest factor!

Passion is the biggest factor
Passion is the biggest factor. 

No matter what you hear, listen to your heart and do what is right, not just for you, but for the common good of those around you. If you are passionate about the cause you are deeply committed to, success is but inevitable isn’t it?

So, what would be my answer to the child, if it had asked whether I was successful? I would say ‘YES! Absolutely!’

What is my success? At the end of the day, when I reflect on my actions and reactions and know that I made someone happy and my actions resulted in the betterment of a situation from how I found it before I situated myself in it, be it voluntarily or involuntarily, I succeed-that day. And do it again the following day and for however long the charade would last.

Then my hope is that the footprints I leave behind will be strong, deep and worthy enough to be followed by those I had joy of connecting with and inspiring. That to me, would be MY true success. Whats yours? 🙂

8 traits to success









Women In SharePoint DC

Stepping up as president and organizer of Women in SharePoint DC – Swetha Sankaran

Wanted to share an awesome news!

What an honor and blessing this is, to be nominated for being the next PresidentWomen In SharePoint DC and I am thrilled to accept the very kind and generous offer. I have stepped up to the role effective 11/2/2015 and will strive to do justice to it. Thanks  #FEDSPUG  and #WSPDC for continuing to believe in me. You guys rock!

Meetup site for WSPDC-FEDSPUG– Check us out!

Eagerly looking forward to doing great things and giving back to our #Office 365 and #SharePoint end-user community. Those who know me well, know my passion for sharing, enabling, educating, supporting and promoting self-sufficiency for those that need support and help(SharePoint/ Office365 or otherwise 🙂 ).

Making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of folks that need help and reach out to us as well as those that do but can’t – means a LOT to me. The story you shared with me was truly inspirational Rima, you are fabulous and amazing for what you do.  Hi5 you rockstar you!! While I hope nobody has to go through tough times, if ever they do, and if we can be of assistance, I truly hope to be there and do all that I can to assist. This is going to be a great journey and one I am eagerly looking forward to take.

Truly an honor and thank YOU BOTH (Mack and Rima)!

Swetha Sankaran, President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC

Swetha Sankaran
President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC
Co-organizer FEDSPUG

Being a leader and what it means – Inspiration and leadership style

The UK’s most powerful women share their experiences, advice and philosophy for a successful working life.

To a very large degree, several of their statements resonated with me for, I believe in those as well and strive to apply those exact strategies in my life and work(they aren’t really two different entities for me) to a great extent.
Listing below some of my observations(literal quotes most) on what they stated, which I loved and will repetitively read and continue to practice!

  • Through passion, perseverance and determination you can achieve anything.

  • Its really important that when you leave a room, people say good things about you and the choices you made for them and they appreciate your integrity. You loose your integrity, you loose everything.

  • Moments when you realize what you are not good at, than what you are. You may not be a great writer,artist,developer “but your best skill on job is in actually supporting the people. Those are the moments that are more seminal and leads you onto a track which allows you to be good at what you do

  • Take a leap (of faith) in the dark and do what you think you can’t do

  • Leave a situation always better than the way you found it

  • I am anyone’s equal and no one’s superior” be braver, confident and repetitive but not chippy!  I live by this as well

  • Obstacles are but feedback & opportunities

  • Building something that is bigger and more important than you

  • “Have a standard that you don’t go beneath”

  • Repeated discussions with team on how to approach a situation and make it better

My personal favorite from a personality trait video


Success is relative as well. 🙂


Check out this business insider video link on personality traits for success


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