Setting reminders on shared #SharePoint Online Calendar using #Nintex workflow for #Office365


Your customer has a calendar that they use for booking a shared resource(think labs, meeting rooms, equipment etc., how to set this up is described in an older blog of mine: )

Now that the calendar is setup, one wants to email notification to the user who is adding an event to the calendar 24 hours prior to the event start time. How do we do that?

Using #Nintex Workflow for #Office365 setup on “Item Creation” as seen in the image below.

Two key actions to note are Add Time To Date and Pause Until Date

  • Create a workflow variable (var24hrs in this examaple)
  • Insert Add Time To Date action make sure you set the Hours to -24 from Current Item “Start Time” from current item and output that to var24hrs variable. This will have the value of 24hrs before the Start Time of the event.
  • Insert a Pause Until Date action and set the Date property to the custom variable you created and set value in the steps above var24hrs
  • Follow it up with ‘Send an Email‘ with the body of the text as you wish to send to event requestors.

Pro Tip: Email can be dynamic with values from your Calendar list and you can include a hyperlink for the item URL from workflow context section of your workflow designer, to redirect the users to the actual event form from the email notification.

Calendar Workflow.png


Now your users(who you set up in the To, CC, BCC) will get reminder notifications 24 hours before the event Start Time.

Note: Since we are use Pause until Date action, if a requester submits event for ‘today’ they will receive the notification immediately.

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