Decisions, decisions, to own up to!

Thousands of words,
Texts, Tweets, FB status on walls,
Perturbed minds,
Deep in its thoughts,
Still stay awake,
Right or wrong decisions to make.,
Necessity to own them,
One way or another,
Is the reality of life,
Rain hail or feathers.
Then when it comes,
Time to count blessings or regrets.,
We know,
We lived life to our fullest.
What have you done:
In this life of yours?
We say, we chose,
One way first, then another!
To tell our stories,
Loud and clear,
Say here, is where we are
And near.
Our saga continues.,
Names, shapes and locations changed,
Decisions remain,
Our stories bright and bold!
Here we are,
There we chose,
We stood by what we believed,
We boast!
Our decisions,
Are who we are,
We are life;
And this life we host!
–Swetha SankaranRIght or Wrong


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