Submit a new idea! Ideas for #Office365 #SharePoint custom feedback using lists,CSS & scripts

Its a beautiful day outside. Drizzles with a sweet sweet rainbow. Looking out longingly I got an idea,

How about we work on a fun form exercise?! It’ll be pretty, it’ll be functional and it’ll be in #Office365 with simple controls and script. Sounds fun no?

I thought it was. I was also inspired by Netflix, Starbucks and all things good and great in this world including but not limited to W3CSS, Bootstrap, JS and oh wait! SHAREPOINT and FORMS!!!

Since the code part is pretty self explanatory, am not gonna delve(see what I did there wink wink) deep in it. Still, to recreate this pretty form, you need to
  •  Create a list (SubmitYourIdea in this sample and yep am pretty creative)
    • Structure of the list is pretty straightforward, a few custom columns depending on what you want to gather from contributors:


  • Create a script file in your Site Assets (or anywhere else you please) call it PutYourThoughts.js (cause… why not?) You are welcome to copy the script and edit to suite your taste. I just chose something fun to do as a proof of concept and share it with my interweb peeps.
  • Create a site page and include the script file reference in a Content Editor Web Part/Script Editor web part. Save and page and here you go, a  completely responsive form for your folks to submit ideas on new projects/categories/just badmouth how awful the current project sucks. Freedom of speech rules!ideaform.png

Where is the Netflix and Starbucks connection you ask? Well, the form theme is inspired from them. So thanks folks!

What are the other uses/ possible derivatives using this idea?

  1. You can collect feedbacks(on your sites, projects, etc.,)
  2. Use this as a way to gather ideas from your team/staff
  3. Connect this with a #flow and extend its usage more! 🙂

Enjoy your new incoming ideas! Keep learning and sharing. Almost forgot, here is the solution in action with a not so subtle hint of enhancement to the code.


Office 365 Forms App Preview

New FORMS app for #Office365 for Education is easy to setup survey/quiz tool that comes with few reporting/analytics built in and available immediately on response submit.


It is pretty intuitive and did not take much time to figure out, especially if its a power user setting up quick quizzes/surveys. What I found useful was also the feature to export the results to excel for analysis.  All in all I think it will be very useful for staff to create quizzes, surveys, registration forms etc., for power-users/teacher/team alike, who are tasked with gathering data from users.

Few advantages I observed with this app:

  • Quick view of the # of response submitted in the ‘Responses’ tab
  • Option to download barcode and instantly access the form
  • Metadata details: Date submitted, who submitted it, date modified etc., when responses are exported to Excel so form authors can track the results.
  • Ability to embed the form in any external site/CMS via embed code
  • Responses dashboard(or what I call it as, its pretty cool with dynamic pretty charts. #winning)



Authors can view results in real-time via built-in analytics and data can be easily exported to Excel for additional analysis. Teachers can create quizzes, including defining the right answers and students get real-time feedback.

Office 365 experience is getting better and better! Great collaboration option and lots to choose from.