8 traits to success

Eight common traits in successful leaders around the world – by Richard St. John

PASSION – The biggest factor!

Passion is the biggest factor
Passion is the biggest factor. 

No matter what you hear, listen to your heart and do what is right, not just for you, but for the common good of those around you. If you are passionate about the cause you are deeply committed to, success is but inevitable isn’t it?

So, what would be my answer to the child, if it had asked whether I was successful? I would say ‘YES! Absolutely!’

What is my success? At the end of the day, when I reflect on my actions and reactions and know that I made someone happy and my actions resulted in the betterment of a situation from how I found it before I situated myself in it, be it voluntarily or involuntarily, I succeed-that day. And do it again the following day and for however long the charade would last.

Then my hope is that the footprints I leave behind will be strong, deep and worthy enough to be followed by those I had joy of connecting with and inspiring. That to me, would be MY true success. Whats yours? 🙂

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Women In SharePoint DC

Stepping up as president and organizer of Women in SharePoint DC – Swetha Sankaran

Wanted to share an awesome news!

What an honor and blessing this is, to be nominated for being the next PresidentWomen In SharePoint DC and I am thrilled to accept the very kind and generous offer. I have stepped up to the role effective 11/2/2015 and will strive to do justice to it. Thanks  #FEDSPUG  and #WSPDC for continuing to believe in me. You guys rock!

Meetup site for WSPDC-FEDSPUG– Check us out!

Eagerly looking forward to doing great things and giving back to our #Office 365 and #SharePoint end-user community. Those who know me well, know my passion for sharing, enabling, educating, supporting and promoting self-sufficiency for those that need support and help(SharePoint/ Office365 or otherwise 🙂 ).

Making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of folks that need help and reach out to us as well as those that do but can’t – means a LOT to me. The story you shared with me was truly inspirational Rima, you are fabulous and amazing for what you do.  Hi5 you rockstar you!! While I hope nobody has to go through tough times, if ever they do, and if we can be of assistance, I truly hope to be there and do all that I can to assist. This is going to be a great journey and one I am eagerly looking forward to take.

Truly an honor and thank YOU BOTH (Mack and Rima)!

Swetha Sankaran, President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC

Swetha Sankaran
President, Organizer for Women In SharePoint DC
Co-organizer FEDSPUG

Being a leader and what it means – Inspiration and leadership style

The UK’s most powerful women share their experiences, advice and philosophy for a successful working life.

To a very large degree, several of their statements resonated with me for, I believe in those as well and strive to apply those exact strategies in my life and work(they aren’t really two different entities for me) to a great extent.
Listing below some of my observations(literal quotes most) on what they stated, which I loved and will repetitively read and continue to practice!

  • Through passion, perseverance and determination you can achieve anything.

  • Its really important that when you leave a room, people say good things about you and the choices you made for them and they appreciate your integrity. You loose your integrity, you loose everything.

  • Moments when you realize what you are not good at, than what you are. You may not be a great writer,artist,developer “but your best skill on job is in actually supporting the people. Those are the moments that are more seminal and leads you onto a track which allows you to be good at what you do

  • Take a leap (of faith) in the dark and do what you think you can’t do

  • Leave a situation always better than the way you found it

  • I am anyone’s equal and no one’s superior” be braver, confident and repetitive but not chippy!  I live by this as well

  • Obstacles are but feedback & opportunities

  • Building something that is bigger and more important than you

  • “Have a standard that you don’t go beneath”

  • Repeated discussions with team on how to approach a situation and make it better

My personal favorite from a personality trait video


Success is relative as well. 🙂


Check out this business insider video link on personality traits for success


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Empowering every student to achieve more with Office 365 and SharePoint

Whats happening? Great things as always. Immaterial of what form they take and come our way.

This past year or so I have had the privilege of interacting closely with a few very well respected and recognized Microsoft SharePoint MVP/SMEs/ Office 365 leaders, reaching out to seek their advice and guidance to learn from their experiences. Every single one of them I connected with have been a big support, guiding and generously sharing their valuable time and resources without expecting anything in return from me.

Giving selflessly is a very gracious act. HUGE shout out to Mack Sigman, Rima Reyes,Tim Ferro, Scott Shearer and several other countless experts whose contributions I continue to follow and learn from. This helps me give our Office 365 end-users the best possible solution and user experience that is easy to maintain, sustainable, safe and enables them to manage and modify content independently.  This way they can get the solution that fits ‘their‘ needs while being device agnostic and save time.

I really appreciate all the support we have been getting from everyone. Our department has worked tirelessly to make this possible for our users.

 Check out the post  Microsoft For Education-Success story blog share – “Using SharePoint Sub-sites for Student Productivity” by Cynthia Miller
All our hard work pays off  when we save money, go green and use our saved greenbacks to give back where it is better deserved-to serve our future generation.

We will continue to work hard doing our very best to enable cloud collaboration for those that are interested in using Office 365 Apps and SharePoint for BYOT plan and classroom/team needs. “Check out our Superintendent’s plan in the below link welcoming student devices.” Amazing thing isn’t it! 🙂

Makes me very happy to know what we do makes a big difference in the lives of our children.

Recently, awesome Ms. Rima Reyes shared a personal experience as President of Women in SharePoint DC which I found to be very inspiring as well and wanted to share with you all:

It is about a person from another country who was living here and was on food stamps. Hearing about Women In SharePoint DC out-reach user group effort which allows women interested in learning SharePoint to attend many Microsoft industry leader’s speaker sessions for free, attended the sessions. #WSPDC also gives away free O’Rielly IT books for attendees, this person who got IT books from session, starts reading it, learns, gets certified, finds employment as help-desk staff and gets off of food stamp.

This is the power of IT learning. It could be Office 365/SharePoint or anything technology related, its a skill that we all need to get comfortable with, using our software and devices for success in our current work place environments and get ready for a brightly connected future. 🙂

Connecting with people, encouraging them to learn essential skill sets, supporting them as well is where my passion lies. Educators are doing great things for our children, more and more of our kids are becoming very savvy with technology and mobile devices. Office 365 and SharePoint collaboration helps with allowing kids to use their devices to interact with their school staff as their school deems fit and appropriate.

I feel so fortunate to know Office 365 & SharePoint well enough to support & make a difference in our school system  here at LCPS. We rock and so does Microsoft for Education.

Access Services Application and Office 365 SharePoint Online

The SharePoint Concierge – Scott Shearer

Giving us an awesome demo on how to use Access Services with SharePoint Online. Using templates, macros that auto-magically transforms to stored procedures that then updates the table. Cool stuff eh!

Not to be confused with Access.  Access services offers us quite a lot of custom forms and gather data with several data type and easy cascading options as well.

Cant wait to try our Access Applications and Reporting, Good to know that BI is available for us as well. I thought we did not have in our enterprise licensing till now. Hmmm…. 🙂

Want to play with

  •   Microsoft Access 2013 Inside Out
    • by Jeff Conrad & Microsoft Access
    • lots of information on Access services in the book

Who would use this and what for?

If you want to keep track of stuff(whatever stuff you need to keep track of)  then Access Services could be your answer. Not much for enterprise applications deployment but if you are venturing into maintaining in your environment/site level/small group with data that is not sensitive.

FEDSPUG October 3 Access Services with SharePoint Online
FEDSPUG October 3
Access Services with SharePoint Online

IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3316

LoudounSPUG ‘Access Office 365 and SharePoint Online’ 10/6/2015

What? ‘Office 365 SharePoint Online Access Services’ talk by Scott Shearer

When? Tuesday, October 6, 20156:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Where? TrainACE, 45195 Research Place, Ashburn, VA

Why? Cause we are cool and we rock Office 365 & SharePoint apps. 

How? via  FEDSPUG-LoudounSPUG  ShareGate gives us Pizza and drinks too! 

What if you don’t understand? Well, you will at our next session or the next/ the next.

Feel free to share the info to peeps you think will like to attend!  ‘Cause ya know sharing is caring! 🙂