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#Nintex Forms magic with panels for Office 365

Nintex form customization options

Missing Nintex Forms Icon – Fix

One of our SharePoint Online site was missing the following Nintex forms items this morning – Nintex Forms Icon in the SharePoint List ribbon Nintex List Forms Online webpart Missing new form webpart in the SharePoint page. The page was just blank. -I had not made any changes to the site and permissions of the site did NOT allow […]
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@Nintex Workflow Professional Certificate

Today I took an exam and added Nintex Workflow Professional Certificate to my list of official certifications. Target audience for the certification are experienced forms and workflow creators. Questions covered designing, creating and debuggins Nintex workflows and forms concepts. #Excited to have taken the test as it was the high point of my day! Nintex tells me I am skilled at […]
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Nintex for Office 365 – Lazy Approval

The much awaited Nintex Lazy Approval action for Office 365 SharePoint online is here making your approval process SUPER FAST! All we have to do now is to simply type ‘Ok’ or a few other accepted keywords (covers almost all words I could think of for saying yes or no) in the assigned task notification and hit SEND. Right from […]
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Office 365 Nintex Workflow: Assign a Task with direct Edit link to the task item

Office 365 with SharePoint Online has excellent custom form and workflow options, that is a known fact. Those who love InfoPath Designer 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013 can do A LOT of customized workflows, with multiple approval paths, parallel approvals, conditional task and anything else you can think of or not, with the OOTB actions and steps […]
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