O365 Login Redirect-New look! @Office365

This morning I noticed that the redirect page for O365 looked different and it took a moment to scan the screen with my big blue glasses. The mighty power of the lens and voila! there I see in the top left corner, the little white squares neatly aligned in the form of button. Click that and you’ll see My(your) apps! But, now you saw My apps too…Oh well! I LOVE the new look of My Apps so its cool. 😉

MyApps Look

BTW- Did you know, you can login to your organization’s O365 sign in page directly via https://outlook.com/yourorganization.org?

Check that out too if you haven’t already. Ofcourse, unlike how I tried to login the first time-I won’t elaborate on my experience. (just kidding….not…no really…), I trust you to replace yourorganization.org to whatever your organization’s name is, instead of wondering how it’ll automagically know your organization’s name the way I did…(oh! darn it I elaborated)…


You could just do: login.microsoftonline.com!

Post over! Go login to O365 now…Bye!

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