Famished and ready to devour anything that remotely resembled being aedible in my path, I rushed to my favorite Pho restaurant.

Parked the car and frantically searching for my wallet, I was startled by the tap on my window. Do I scroll, do I not scroll? Do I just drive away? All these thoughts simultaneously sprouted and began conversing with each other in my head, I rolled the window down.

An elderly looking gentleman with pleading eyes and a feeble grin, asked in his broken English if I could spare a dollar. Rugged look and gold teeth, he kept apologizing for asking me and disturbing. Split second consideration later, I gave him five and watched him walk away blessing me that Jesus will give me more.

I stepped out of the car and headed to Pho watching him lean on a nearby wall and cry. I thank him for his blessings, and I would like his prayers be answered, only that he would be given more including that, which I was blessed to get.

Doesn’t matter if my Pho satiated my hunger, my heart feels full.

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