TradeUp Loudoun Fair ALL Loudoun County High School Kids! #TradeFair #GoLoudoun

  When we give and empower our future generations, we empower the world!! Check out our TradeUp Loudoun page and our (@TradeUpLoudoun) If you are a small business owner who would love to come educate/guide/mentor our teenage High School Kids to pursue a career, teach tricks of the trade, so that they can be […]

Content Search Web Part in #Office365 #SharePoint online

Found something interesting while working with Content Search Web Part in SharePoint online. This web part is really powerful and least used in my opinion. To use this effectively, its best if we have a well designed Taxonomy term store that users have diligently tagged their documents with. Or not! 🙂 In this case, I […]

Employee Status Report using @MicrosoftFlow and #SharePoint online in #Office365

Requirement: Employees in a department/ team should submit a weekly status report to their team leads. Schema of the list:  To setup a new Flow for this O365 SharePoint list, just click on ‘Flow’ and choose  ‘Create a flow’. If you have already attached a flow to the list, then obviously we go to ‘see’ our […]

Setting reminders on shared #SharePoint Online Calendar using #Nintex workflow for #Office365

Requirement: Your customer has a calendar that they use for booking a shared resource(think labs, meeting rooms, equipment etc., how to set this up is described in an older blog of mine: ) Now that the calendar is setup, one wants to email notification to the user who is adding an event to the calendar 24 hours […]

[ #Office365 #SharePoint ] The new landscape for end-users, part 1: Groups and Modern Document Library

Originally posted on aOS 365:
Fourth article from a series on [ #Office365 #SharePoint ] The new landscape The new landscape Old and new challenges and what to expect from MS Ignite The big picture The new landscape for end-users, part 1: Groups and Modern Document Library The new landscape for end-users, part 2: Modern lists,…