Swetha Sankaran, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Office Servers and Services, @SharePoint @Office365 #MVPAward

Great news to share with my peeps! I am now a Microsoft MVP(Most Valuable Professional) Office Servers and Services. 

A coveted award that has been a dream of mine for years now., its now become a reality and am extremely excited, thankful, touched, proud and feel humbled all at the same time!

If you can dream it, you can do it! is something I’ve always believed in. As long as your intentions are pure, as long as you are helping someone, or even yourself, become a better being; be it building a skill set or oneself really, you can do whatever you set your heart to and desire. You can affect changes and help other grow together with you. That is what I strive to do and will continue to during the rest of this journey of my life. Really glad to have a few AMAZING passengers on my side thanks to this team of mine! :)I think, the supreme being is listening and granting my wishes, one at a time!

God/Goddess, sure are kind to all and they are watching over us at all times. Good luck to my fellow MVPs, and to the thousands of aspiring MVPs as well.

To reiterate-“If you can dream it, you CAN do it and become it!” Obstacles are but driving forces to propel us towards greater goodness and subsequent rewards and recognition if you want them.

Here is the official welcome mail from Microsoft about my MVP award! Carts loads of thanks #Microsoft! This means a LOT to me, to be honored for my technical leadership and a dream come true!!



One thought on “Swetha Sankaran, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Office Servers and Services, @SharePoint @Office365 #MVPAward

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