SharePoint 2010 installation on SQL 2012

Some links I found helpful in SP 2010 installation.

Yes, its in french and you can translate it into english!

Can’t install server farm using local account? heh…there is a workaround using powershell. It works.

This should get you running.

NO? Install SP1, apparently its essential to counter “sp_dboption SQL procedure not found” error. 

So whats the passphrase? I never set it! Well, you do that…now.

Getting the “User does not exist or is not unique error?” Check this out,

This installs the sharepoint databases in SQL Server 2012. Once it is done, you can now open the Sharepoint 2010 configuration wizard and you’ll see the Database Server and Database Name prepopulated. Make sure the “Do not disconnect from this server form” is selected and click next.

You will now be taken to the “Configure SharePoint Central Administration Web Application”. Choose the port number for your web app and NTLM(Or Kerebros your choice). Click next.

Thats it! Configuration successful with your Database Server, Database Name, Central Admin URL and Authentication Provider info should be displayed in the screen.

Click “Finish”!



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