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Include image in signature of your #Nintex workflow action email

It is really nice to include signature in your email messages. You can write about yourself(I know someone never gets tired of it), make it cursive, color it magenta, call it pet names and then live happily ever after….oh…that’s not what this post is about….ummm…

So, you can include cool creative signatures and it kinda gives a nice finish to the email.


Better still, you can include your team/dept logo in the signature to give it a really neat touch.

To add logo to your signature

Send an Email(Or Task Assignment ‘Initial email options’) section > Select Image > Give web address of your logo and alternate text > Insert.


This includes the logo in the signature section of your email body as seen in the email below.


Pretty cool eh!



One comment

  1. We are also trying to include external images in the email body, but anytime we send a Nintex email internally in our company the receiver cannot view the images in Outlook until they click “download images” or “add safe-sender”. It makes sense if they were receiving an email from an unknown external sender, but this is internal to our company. Do you know of any configuration settings in Nintex/SharePoint/Exchange that will send the email without this issue? Thanks for your time!


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