Future of #SHAREPOINT is BRIGHT and it starts TODAY #FutureOfSharePoint @Office365

What an amazing session and lots of information shared on the future of SharePoint and I’m giddy with excitement about the modern cloud first mobile feature rich SharePoint experience, in the cloud, on-premise and in the pocket, SharePoint is now simple-intelligent and untethered!


This blog is an attempt to gather all the new and enhanced offering I heard and await to see in my environment.  “Microsoft wants to empower every person and every organization on the planet, achieve MORE!” – Satya Nadella
I LOVE that. I have always believed in giving power to users and I am a sincere end-user advocate always putting their needs first, like so many other passionate proponents of IT in today’s world. Its refreshing and motivating to hear the same from the leader of such a big corporation whose tools are also being redesigned to enable power users to be more productive in their businesses.

Big shout out to the huge SharePoint community and SharePoint Saturday events that serve as a huge support for users of the product. Thanks to you all organizers and speakers for reaching out to end-users. Here goes the information that I noted down from the future of SharePoint session! These are my understanding/take on what I heard and a means to record what I observed and these are my personal views.

  • SharePoint IS the CORE of Office 365! WOOT! 
  • Groups, Graphs and Governance are the most important 3GS of all times and all things Office 365
  • Look forward to New Mobile apps for SharePoint online for both iOS and android shipping TODAY
  • Quarter: 
    • Ability copy content from OneDrive to SharePoint with a click
    • Windows universal apps-continuum, surface hubs,Hololens
  • Second half:
    • Document analytics
    • Sync SP Online doc libraries with new sync engine w significantly enhanced architecture and reliability
    • Server to on-premise: Next calendar year
  • Mobile apps access to SharePoint Online and streamlined experience – OneDrive mobile apps.
  • At its core SharePoint is still the same with its basic model “Intranet in a boxis being taken forward to modern, intelligent and cloud first world.
  • SharePoint mobile app on iOS this quarter is going to be re-branded and function as Intranet in your pocket. WOOT!
  • New activity feed/site transforms productivity.
  • Mobile first approach to content collaboration.
  • Sites is now renamed SharePoint
  • Revamped enterprise search experience
  • Ability to easily create the types of sites you need:
    Team collaboration – content centric destination for team -web sites, pages, docs, lists, libraries
    Publishing site: Self service publishing site for anyone to create. And look here, creating site, makes us select group email address-akin to site mailbox? Makes sense.
  • Group is a collection of people, team site is where the group goes to work
  • PowerApps and Microsoft Flow: process across data
  • Super simple to integrate power-point previews and light weight page creations.
  • Modern page authoring, fluid & streamlined, looks great on web & mobile
  • Move to OneDrive & SharePoint Document library easily
  • Consistent file experience in OneDrive and document libraries in SharePoint
  • New feature called linking where you can copy paste YouTube video, thumbnail preview, easy access to the core file operations at a glance.
  • Doc library has rich history, structure, slicing and dicing and it now includes Content type in drop down among other features
  • Metadata shines through doc lib experience now fast and  fluid-pin it to the top
  • SharePoint LIST:
    Visual refresh of list, Add Flow menu to easily include process logic to libirary and its contents,  Resize columns(yay!), easy enough to add columns, easy edit view.
  • Microsoft flow allows data in content and logic and processes into the business apps.
  • Using flow to connect first/3rd party apps to SharePoint-FLOW Below:
  • Power apps allows to rapidly develop mobile based on data stored in SharePoint from the phone
  • Full spectrum of people customizing SharePoint,End users-can now do lightweight branding of pages,power users can setup flows and developers can easily develop both data layer:REST/oAuth single API end point API for development in the cloud/office graph and UI Layer: JavaScript has become full fledged with TypeScript. Its generalized page and part model as generalized rendering buliding block. Client side JavaScript SharePoint framework that runs on JavaScript. Great way to build sites and portal with modern JavaScript scripts.
  • Next year: Bring the SharePoint framework on top of 2016, Graph API, Web hooks to insert parts(1st AND 3rd party apps)
  • Security:  Our cloud is the safest place for your data with customer lockbox said:

    • By default NO MS Employee has standing access to your content
    • Users has FULL control over who has access to their data and when.
    • Compliance – rich audit logs, ALL user/admin activity through admin portal
      Intelligent eDiscovery
    • Powerful record management policy that lets us classify the data
    • Leading with cloud first.
    • SharePoint insights consolidates audits
    • Users can set SharePoint security policies on their SharePoint/ OneDrive in devices using InTune.
    • Blacklist and whitelist of domains are allowed to share their tenancy with
      Compliance features: Dynamic access policy based on user/device and location.
    • Granular control over policies to give right level of access
    • Session length policies based on managed/unmanaged device
    • Bring and manage user’s own encryption key for their data stored in SharePoint1.png



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